Saturday, September 7, 2013

Maybelline Blush Studio Cheeky Glow Blush Fresh Coral Review, Swatches and Review

I think I'm in my blush phase nowadays. Other that suddenly being prone to blushing naturally (this is a really new phenomena - that seems to be a great source of entertainment to quite a few people btw),
I've been getting samples of blushes for the days I'm not being err embarrassed/ shy (?). Now, the latest source of everyone's amusement and the reason I've been blushing has to be this tiny pan of bright coral colour from Maybelline that I've been wearing quite often.
I honestly thought it would be like those bouncy blushes that never got launched in India when I first saw these. I can safely say that they aren't because these are powder blushes. Launched in 3 shades- a peach, a coral and something called creamy cinnamon. A tiny domed blush in a white case and a clear plastic lid is the best I can describe the packaging. It's really tiny and I think It's going to find a spot in my bag permanently because not only is it tiny but the colour is extremely versatile, and would go with anything.
Colour wise, it's a gorgeous coral. At first it reminded me of the LE MAC Bite of an Apple blush but that is more vibrant. This is dustier and warmer than that. I'll do a comparison swatch of these 2 with MAC fleur power first thing tomorrow morning.
It has no shimmer in it. But I did spy some flecks of shimmer the first time I swatched it. Nothing that translated to my cheeks but. Only warm, natural looking colour.
under white light
It's not the most pigmented/ softest blush I've ever used but that means that you can totally control the amount of colour on your cheeks by layering it.
under Natural daylight
It lasts for about 3-4 hours on me easily. I believe when applied heavily, it's more likely to last longer.
Price- Rs 250 for 7 grams
A nice everyday blush to add the right amount of colour to your face, depending on the occasion. It's dirt cheap and good in quality and I highly recommend you get at least one of these.

PS: Press sample.


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