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Photos and Stories from The Bachelorette!

So you guys know that I had gone to Goa with 3 of my best friends for my bachelorette! It's been a month today and I want to go back. With the same people. Do the same things and more!!
It is pretty much done by everybody and I now know why! Those 3 days in Goa were bliss. The best part though was it was the the 4 of us Mitali (The Chief bridesmaid she likes to call herself, Mansi and Akshat who drove through Goa in denial that it was my "bachelorette"). 
The pictures below are not all in the chronological order. So bear with me, okay?
 At the Rajiv Gandhi Int Airport, Hyd at about 4 am! yes!


 Our home in Goa for the next 3 days.
 Neon orange nails. Perfect for Goa

 Our ride. So Mitali and I were the first ones to reach Goa at 7 am and we had the owner guy of this car waiting for us at the airport. We drove this car to our accommodation ourselves. And trust me it was a riot! Believe me, 2 girls who can't read the map to save their lives.. in an unknown, strange place in a car they never drove before.. people who know us were super proud. As were we and really psyched actually!
 Oops the plane picture
So now, we somehow reached the 2STC Holiday Home (we chucked the Google map after a while and just asked for directions the original 'since 1742' way. We checked in. Ordered breakfast (again! We ate like pigs there!) Waited for Mansi to reach and after she did, we headed out to the Calangute beach.

  • Calangute, like Baga is more of a commercial place. Too many shacks, too many people, too many flies. Honestly, I was kinda disappointed. I had heard great things, But i was looking for a calm, relaxing, laidback holiday! Well, what can I say about us Hyderabadis.. The only things that get us off and rock our boats are more (than Hyd itself) laid back places!
  • Depends on what you are looking for, you might actually enjoy this place. 
  • Akshat's was an afternoon fight and he joined us here directly. We left as soon as he got there. We dint go back the entire time we stayed there.

 Now that we had Akshat, our designated driver (who we got on-board after we promised to not make him drive or mention the word bachelorette was not surprised at all!)
We went to Candolim beach from there. Definitely one of our favorites!

 Post Candolim, we visited the famous Saturday night market. (Mansi and me in the back seat slept every night at 8) so I just remember groggily walking around, trying not to get lost in a swarm of people 2 hands (1 Akshat, 1 Mitali) tightly clutching me and Mansi and just pushing us around in the right direction. I remember eating some green chilli pizza here that was not a good idea. No, no.

Next morning, we were taken to the Fort Aguada because I wanted to do the touristy things (it was my first time there in Goa, okay!)
 haha! Mansi refused to pose and/or remove those things!

We later went for brunch to this place called the Lila Cafe at Baga. Here was the first time I ate something nice since getting to Goa! (I'm a vegetarian, remember!)
 The much recommended strawberry juices were yum!
My croissant. It was exactly like the veggie delight sub and stop judging already!

 Now, we drove to the Arambol beach. This was quieter and was fun. I went for a swim here for the first time since getting to Goa. You can see my curly, wavy, beachy hair in some pictures!!

 That was the fresh water lake that you get to after walking some at the Arambol beach. Honestly, I was like whaa! Thats all?! When I saw it. But then Akshat is Akshat and he's the 'sees water, will jump' kinds. So.
Ooh look at my hair in the picture below! LOL
 So, it is really not how it looks like, Okay? Manis just goes mad clicking when she gets the phone in her hands and this is just trick photography! Believe you me!
 Calangute. Day 1
Ashwem Day 3

I really wanted to do the "Makeup Monologues" in a heart/ was here kind of a thing.. But it's a long name and now I know why most people use abbreviations! lol. So I just did MM
Showered and changed in the bathroom. Oh and Ashwem was the best place. Loved, LOVED that place!
Witnessed firangs being tied in holy matrimony, The Hindu way! SO pretty! Maj V, My love, if you're reading this, let's do this on the beach!

Night 3 Baga.. Finlally did the famous Tito's Mambos for a very tiny bit and just went to Baga for dinner! Yes, there were fireworks for me!
More random pictures-

We changed in this car 1 at a time while the other 3 blocked the light. For we wanted to dress up and look pretty for Thalassa the Greek restaurant we went to.. the only non shack, fine dining place we went to in Goa! Much recommended!
That's what I ALWAYS wat. I'm not big on experimenting, especially when I finally find some good vegetarian option at a place like this!
My watermelon then strawberry frozen margarita. I'm a convert!
Thalassa again

There are no pictures of my "Bachelorette ceremony" at Candolim after Thalassa. (we went there every night before calling it a day).
That's all that I got. I even got to hand out batches to my people. Mitali was the sexy chick and the Chief Bridesmaid. Mansi was the Dancing Queen and the Disc Diva, Akshat was the Cheeky Devil and the Party animal I obviously got the Bride to be and then the flirt alert. I also got a whistle in the shape of a thingy that's been blurred out.



Last night at Baga!

So that's that! Hope you all had an amazing 2013. For me, there were many highs and a huge big low blow so I don't know. I am happy this year is finally ending.
Hope you all have a blast tonight and ring in the New Year the way you want! Also, wish you all and your families a mighty, prosperous, joyful, and an extremely happy 2014 full of love!


  1. Nice pics Ikya. Goa trip seemed so much fun. I love Goa would love to revisit.
    Good luck and best wishes for your wedding

  2. Fun pics!!! And you look great as always!

  3. Super fun piccys and you look gorgeous <3

  4. You look so happy and relaxed! And Goa looks beautiful!

    1. Thank you Gaelle! Goa is beautiful! You must visit sometime. :)

  5. That was one fun bachelorette.. Awesome stuff!!


  6. Wow, it seems that you have enjoyed a lot.


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