Sunday, January 5, 2014

Maybelline Lip Polish Review Swatches, FOTD

That I'm someone who can't multitask to save her life is no secret. But the fact that I love products that multitask or people who do totally intrigue me might be one. But these 2 in 1 things sort of disappointed me usually. Shampoo + Conditioner (Lol, wha?!), Oil + Shampoo! (I mean, either one is cutting the point of other. How are you getting the dual benefit?! Yah! Ididn'tthinkso). Cronuts (OMG Cronuts!! Never had one. Totally want one. Just one. 2 of my favourite things they are, no denying that. That's why they are to be eaten separately for double the awesomeness!! Besides, is it just me who thinks it kinds looks gross?)  So when I heard of this "ultimate lip potion" (and forever being on the hunt of a super pigmented lipgloss), I decided to give it a whirl!

I got a pretty coral shade called Glam2. It's so pretty, I think it's unfair to not give it a totally glamorous name!
 Colour- It's more of a reddish coral with really tiny flecks of gold in it which I quite like because they don't feel gritty. It's one of those colours that you can just go buy blindfolded and will look good on you.
This is shiny. Like VERY SHINY. not your regular lipgloss. supremely shiny.
Texture and Longevity- I think it's best described as the lip polish. Because when it first comes out of the tube, it slicks on top of my lips, giving them a fresh, polished look. I mean really! You know how you run into someone. anyone. from the past or present when you're looking your frumpiest, all you need to do it run to the bathroom and put this on, and believe me, it instantly perks your face up. But then again, it has a lot to do with this colour too.
This fairytale doesn't last too long though. because in sometime, it tends to get thick and gloopy on the lips and do not apply too much because it really gets sticky then. It's definitely one of those lip products you must wipe off before eating/ drinking anything. Especially with the shimmer, you don't want to take your chances. So wear it for a shopping spree but not for that lunch date!
The stickiness does make it last for about 3 hours easily though. The glitter does get accumulated in my dry lip lines

 I don't usually judge a book by its cover or the product by the tube it comes in (Okay maybe a li'l!) But how effin' cute is that packaging?! It's tiny, it's super shiny and it looks like an inverted lipstick!
The brush almost copies the L'Oreal lipgloss design and gets just the right amount of colour out. But I still much prefer the good old L'Oreal ones which totally enveloped my lips in one go!
Price- Rs 450
Moment of truth- These aren't as pigmented as lipsticks. (Not even like the MAC Lustre ones) but I think that's what makes this an easy colour to wear. For those of you trying to make a transition from lipglosses to lipsticks, you might like these. These show a little bit of your lip through and the colour adapts to suit you.
I like that these are supremely glossy and This tube stays permanently in my bag and that's a big promotion to something that's been in my life for about 2 weeks!

In other news, OMG! It's just one month left for my wedding!
I'm yet to book a mehendi artist and a hairstylist. Suggestions??
My saree blouses aren't stitched.
I am yet to get my shoes.
I think I should just do a nicer post on what's done!

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  1. One month to wedding! Wow...enjoy the madness. Where u off to for honeymoon ;) ?
    Btw...u look v pretty in the pic :)

  2. Beautiful review dear and the shade looks fab on you :)

  3. Hawt colour. .. you got your wedding outfit?

  4. You look gorgeous!!! And one month to the wedding ;D

  5. this is the shade i want from this range! its gorgeous :) n u look so glowy glowy! very nice :)

  6. the shade looks good on u...but personally i dont like the formula of these glosses feels sticky!

  7. This colour looks so so pretty on you!! And I agree that packaging is so cute! I have to check these out soon! :)

  8. This looks so gorgeous on you!

  9. gorgeous dear :D:D and onlyyyy one month :( :(

  10. Great color and looking beautiful. I think every girl will love to have this piece.


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