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LÓreal Paris Pure Red Lipstick in Freida's Pure Rouge Review, Swatches

It's funny how I found this little tube in my mail now and I've been looking for this very shade of lipstick since October '14! What's great about it you ask? It's a deep red- deep, deep, velvetty red that brightens my face and is yet dark enough to be apt for fall/ winter!

Also, it is said to be a MAC Ruby Woo dupe. Read more to find out if it indeed is-

Packaging is very the same as the moist matte range, but in black

Let's just cut the suspense here. I've been reading everywhere that it's the legendary Ruby Woo's dupe. But neither is Ms Woo easily dupe-able nor is this gorgeous red meant to be a copy! So there- NO. These lipsticks are both utterly gorgeous, VERY different and completely unique shades of red! In the arm swatch, they might look close, but on the lips, they' re poles apart! Ruby woo has more orange and The LOreal Paris Pure Rouge has more pink and while Ruby Woo is brighter, this is deeper and richer, a winter version, if you may! You see more pictures and swatches of MAC Ruby Woo here. Only a beauty blogger can get so worked up over 2 colours being the same or not!

Coming to this particular shade of red, Frieda Pinto has done a fantastic job (if) choosing this for herself. For on medium to deep Indian skintones, I think this will be an utterly gorgeous red!
It's deeper than MAC Ruby Woo. Yet it is a pure red. There's no orange/ brown/ (maybe some, very little pink exists under some lighting) undertone to this. Just a dark, deep, velvetty red!
For skintones lighter than NC 40, it could look a little maroon. On me (NC 40) it is a dark red, the darkest I'm comfortable wearing. I was looking for a deep red winter shade but the super dark lipcolours made me look ill and I wanted to venture out into the dark territory without it being a dull colour!
This, is my perfect winter shade. It's deep, rich and oozing with great colour! I've been wearing it constantly since I got it. Perfect for this weather! Also, speaking of weather, what's up with Bareilly being so rainy and wet and cold all the time? I feel like I'm in the first Twilight movie!

Texture wise, it's the same as the Lóreal 'Paris Moist matte (my absolute favourite formula!) Raspberry Syrup was my favourite lipstick of 2014 (may onwards, I Wore It ALL THE TIME!) It's a non drying matte. wears very comfortably for the longest time. stays on for 5 hours easily with snacking and drinking (water/ tea/ coffee! You chugging beer and munching on those oily fried things? You gotta touch up!) While this tube is holding up well now, I'd like to see id it survives the great Indian Summer as my other lipsticks from the moist matte range all melted and broke, along with my heart!

But all in all, LÓreal Paris Pure Rouge is a great deep red that's going to brighten your face!

Price Rs 995

PS: Press sample


  1. Yayyy! Ikya writes again! This looks lovely on you... And don't say this is the darkest you're comfortable with. You haven't tried Pure Garnet... Trust me, you'll love it!

    1. haha aren't you the sweetest? I just have to find a schedule. Everything is so busy and chaotic here! :/
      Pure Garnet? ya, haven't tried it.. but no LÓreal makeup counters near where I live and I'm not getting it unless I love it! :P

  2. Lovely shade! It certainly will look great during winters :)

  3. Nice to see you back with an awesome lip swatch Ikya. You know, you were the first blogger whose lip swatches I saw. So how is life? Are you still in Bareilly?

  4. Lovely ..ill try L'ORÉAL paris pure rouge also...


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