Friday, January 23, 2015

Olay Total Effects 7 In 1 Day Cream

Much has been said about this beauty on the internet and otherwise, So let me take about a minute and a half of yours to give you my two bits on this moisturizer.
I remember using the cream + serum version of this a while back (read about it here) and I remember loving it. What happened is that the beauty blogger in me wanted to try more and went looking for more and I revisited the house of Olay when a very dear friend of mine (with amazing skin) raved about this. I went back and got a bottle.
I have been using it since November (in the warm and dry climate of Hyderabad0 and December (in the cold and crazy sometimes wet, sometimes dry weather of Bareilly) It worked great in Hyderabad but I thought I'd need something more in Bareilly, turns out I just needed a whole pump for my entire face and neck. I just needed about half a pump in Hyd. While I used it (twice a day - din't find a great night cream yet! Reccos anybody?) I found that my skin was smooth and glowy. Not a zit in sight. Seemed healthy and moisturized. Can't comment on the wrinkles/ spots yet.
Since I've taken a break from this for the last 2.5 weeks, I've seen that my skin doesn't look half as healthy. I can see fine lines on my face (hopefully caused by dryness mainly). The bright healthy glow has been missing and while nothing crazy, I do feel bumps and a zit or 2 pop up over my face!

While I do feel that it smells strongly, I quite like the fragrance as does my husband on me!

Moral of the story - Totally going back to using this.

Price - Rs 749 for 50 grams (I got it cheaper at the CSD)


  1. I agree that this is a decent moisturiser and I too switched over to this in winters. It has indeed made my skin even tone. Btw, loving the clicks dear. The table mat and the lamp are so classy... Loved the clicks.

  2. It's one of those things that seems to work for most people! Thanks! :)

  3. lovely pictures.. it works only in extreme winters for my combination skin..

    1. Thanks! It works great for me; as long as I use it in different quantities. Like a full pump during winters and half a pump for the warmer months


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