Monday, January 26, 2015

Top 10 - Red Lipsticks For Indian Skintone + MAC Ruby Woo Dupe

Okay! Hi5 if you counted them and found only 9! There's more, believe me.

Do you remember my Coral phase? Not too hard to tell what phase I'm in right now, yeah? I've been a red lipstick loyalist since say 2012 and today I need to show you the 10 red lipsticks I feel are best suited for Indian Skintone. Actually, you know what? Scrap that! Red lipsticks are pretty universal and I'll be honest here, don't get into the blue or yellow (warm / cool) undertone business here, I did, and it took me 3 years and trying out many, many red lipsticks to know that that is pure bogus!

Here, in this post you'll see different reds that look stunning on me, if I may say so myself. (I'm an average Indian skintone of NC 40 in MAC)
Moreover, today the market is full of a huge number of varied red lipsticks and No, there's not just 1 red lipstick for you like there's not just 1 icecream flavour for you! Try them all, grab a spoon! [Friends loyalists, you know what I'm talking about! Take this advice from Joey!]
In the same order as above, (L-R) MAC So Chaud, Revlon Super lustrous Lipstick Pink Paradise, Maybelline Superstay 14 Hour Lipstick Non Stop Red, Rimmel Kate Moss #22, MAC Ruby Woo, Colorbar Velvette Matte Hearts & Tarts, LÓreal Paris Pure Reds Pure Rouge, LÓreal Paris Moist Matte Lipstick Lincoln Rose, Rimmel Alarm

MAC So Chaud - An orange based red that totally brightens up my face, it's my go to for a brunch date with my girls or for breezy spring summer mornings, makes a statement for a night out too!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Paradise Pink - It is not a pink! It is a coral based red in my opinion! Very flattering, easy way to venture into the red lipstick territory!

Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr Lipstick Non Stop Red - One of my favourite reds! It's a bright coral based red too, just a lot more intense than the revlon one!

Rimmel Kate Moss # 22 - One of the truest tomato reds in my stash. This is the reddest, redding , red,.. so reddy redding red like no one's redding business! (read again using explicit language)

MAC Ruby Woo The reason I got into red lipstick! I love, adore and worship this lipstick. Pure red. Bright, Velvety, Intense, Stunning!

Colorbar Velvette Matte Lipstick in Hearts and Tarts- A deeper version of MAC ruby woo with a similar finish. Stunning again! Can't tell much of a difference between the two when worn on lips!
If you see this link, You'll see my old red lipstick collection and that I've added a few more to my red lipstick collection! It's crazy, But I have one more on the way to me. Resolution for 2015- No more buying red lipstick! Use all that I have!

LÓreal Paris Pure Reds Pure Rouge My newest discovery. My favourite winter red. I just want to wear this with an all black outfit and snuggle in front of the fireplace! Yes, it's cold like madness here. But I'm loving it!!

LÓreal Paris Moist Matte Lipstick Lincoln Rose- Another bright, coral based beautiful red that Aishwarya Rai made famous in the Cannes Film Festival Last year! You can see that I favour a certain kind of reds!!

Rimmel Alarm A rich, true, very moisturizing red lipstick that I'd forgotten about and have recently rediscovered my love for! I should do like a 30 day lipstick challenge or something! I don't think I wear all my lipsticks.

Rimmel Tantrum is another deep true red with micro pink (non existent shimmer) This is totally blue based. Ya, okay don't listen to that! Left it back at home in Hyd. Check out all the swatches of this and alarm Here.

So, that's that. Don't forget to check the individual posts out for more pictures/ detailed reviews of whichever lipstick catches your fancy!
Oh, and Happy Republic Day, fellow Indians!


  1. I have to check out the new Loreal range! There are so many shades in there, I am sure every skin tone will find something good!

  2. You look stunning in all throoms reds that you wear girl... am guess what, am going through a ruby woo phase :)

    1. I love that you went for it!! Thank you! :*

    2. Ruby Woo <3 The ultimate red for me!! Wore it to my school farewell just a few days ago! :D

  3. Red is so your colour Ikya and I have seen you sporting it so beautifully in photos. I too managed to get my hands on the iconic ruby woo in 2k14 and have been loving it since then...

  4. Love the new look... very clean :)

  5. Hey just loved d variety of red lipsticks at ur stash...ill go for ruby woo..revlon pink paradise...


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