Thursday, January 29, 2015

What's In My Beach Bag

I'm not at a beach right now, neither do I see it in the near future but how my heart longs just for those white sands and blue waters, I can't tell! It's chilly here and while I am enjoying this weather, I can't help but imagine our next beach vacay and hope for it to come soon! On that note, here's what I carried with me in my beach bag (general + makeup bag) while on our honeymoon. Enjoy the pictures loves!

That tiny pouch held all my makeup and sat pretty in my huge beach bag! It was more than enough for me. Absolutely right amount and quantities. For some, it might be too much, for others it might be too little. But for the Goldilocks in me, it is just right! Also, that beach towel that I carried in my bag totally matches the beach bag. lol
That's pretty much everything laid out on the towel. Coral thing - beach wrap kind of a thing

(anticlockwise) Lotus sunscreen spay (spf 50) for the body, Nutrogena sunscreen (for the face), Fabindia body spray (I LOVE this stuff*), My sunglasses (guess), Blue shell necklace (to dress anything up, while keeping it beachy!), roasted almonds (snack lol), His sunglasses (Rayban), Moroccan oil serum (for after a salty water dip/splash/swim!), hair tie, Makeup pouch, sanitizer, wet wipes
 In the makeup pouch-

Face- LÓreal Truematch powder (for beach to dinner date), LÓreal truematch blush (a coral-gold blush to add to the beachy glow!), MAC Cremeblend blush (so sweet so easy)
Lips- Sleek makeup Lipstick (heartbreaker), Maybelline baby lips lipbalm, Revlon Kissable Lipbalm stains (sweetheart (2) & rendezvous), Maybelline 14 Hr Lipstick in Keep me Coral, a hot pink nailpolish, LÓreal Kajal Magique, sample sized face creams from Olay & Ponds age miracle day cream
Some bandaids (the number of nicks and cuts you get on a beach, I tell you!), nailcutter, cash & some cotton.

Phew! That seems like a lot after tying it down, But think about it- the beach is a place to lazily relax for a good few hours atleast. So you'd rather have it all than cut your trip short for missing something! 
I dint bring a floppy hat with me (this was last Feb and it wasn't really hot or too sunny, so I din't miss it really) and Not photographed here - water bottle & Phone

So, tell me- when are you taking your next beach vacation & what are the must haves in your beach bag?

Photo Credits - The Husband



  1. hahaha even i carry almost everything in my regular bag too :P loved the clicks..

    1. Thanks! Oh I carry very little in my regular bag!

  2. My beach bag has diapers, change of clothes, hair ties and sunscreen.... sigh!


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