Friday, January 30, 2015


Perfumes, I think are like memories. Like I have this fun memory of me (about 6 or 7) and my best friend Ashu playing with my slightly broken hotwheels rollercoster with bumpy cars, and every time the cars would wobble, we'd laugh hard! Ashu laughed till his tummy hurt. When he came home, he was a little whiny but our playdate put him in a great mood! But HE remembers it like an unfortunate day when he brought "his" Hotwheels to my place and apparently I "snatched it from him and pushed him on the floor. In the process, hurting him in his tummy with the track! He had a tummy ache and his track broke a little, which made the cars bumpy and wobble and made me laugh hard!" - Definition of Perfumes!

This is why reviewing perfumes is such a task.
If I say things like - Top notes of citrus & honeysuckle, Woody middle notes of  cinder and bottom notes of vanilla, jasmine and sandlwood - Really?! Who knows what that smells like? And even if you do, your idea of the sweetpea fragrance with definitely be different from the next persons. So, it's my sincere request that you go take a whiff of everything at the stores and make a note of what you like, then go ahead and buy it online for the great deals if you want to! I, for eg- when of a whiffing spree the last time I was in Delhi, Lucknow and Hyderabad, because there's no place I can do that in Bareilly (none that I know of atleast) And I'll order what I want as and when I need it!
My two bits on this fragrance - It is strong and it is cloying (to me). A lot of women seem to love it. It is so strong, I cant really decipher anything. If I take a hard long whiff, I'd get a headache. It starts off smelling like concentrated orange juice, then smells floral mainly. Little sweet, not overly so. It does smell powdery toward the end. Wears really long, though it's an EDT and I have used it mostly this winter. I did get compliments on it and that's what made me wear it again and again a few times, not because I'm in love with the fragrance. Don't get me wrong, it's in no way bad. It's just that I have many other fragrances that I'd rather wear.
I love the sturdy hexagonal bottle with the golden liquid and a black bow! It serves the purpose of looking stunning on my dresser. Maybe I'll find some love for it in the future,maybe I'll continue to be indifferent!
With that lecture above, How did I end up getting a perfume I'm not too fond of?
Answer - Wedding present!

Price - 54 pounds from the boots website

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