Monday, February 2, 2015


 If you've known me for a while now, (I know you do! Yes, you!!) You know 2 things about me
1. I LOVE MAC Lychee Luxe Lipglass (reviewed here)
2. I LOVE finding MAC Dupes!
Lychee luxe was one of my very first MAC Lipglass (along with pink lemonade) and this happens to be my third tube of Lychee Luxe. Will I buy more of these? Will I not? Read on to know!

Colorbar, I think makes amazing products. I have been rediscovering my love for the brand this year, but you know, their blatant copying (of MAC names) is a little funny! I mean this particular lipgloss is called 'Sheer Glass Lipgloss' like MAC Lipglasses! It's already funny when mac calls it a lip-glass, it's ridiculous when copied! That's where my rant ends! Because this Colorbar lipgloss in Coral Embrace is the closest thing to my favourite MAC Lipglass Lychee Luxe!
Colorbar's Coral embrace is a tad bit redder (if I were to pick on this too much) but on my pigmented lips, it's pretty much the same.
Texture wise, I much prefer the Colorbar ones. Longevity wise, MAC lasts longer.
Colorbar is priced at Rs 650 and the MAC one at Rs 1200/ Rs 1300 not sure
at half the cost, I'll totaly be repurchasing Colorbar Coral Embrace for as long as they make it  and stay good with the prices! This happens to be one of my most favourite colours a coral with gold micro shimmer! Stunning!

In other news, I need some decent high street / designer brand reccos for cruelty free / vegan/ non leather bags! (How's David Jones? An Aussie High street brand)
Also, If Mondays aren't your most favourite, I think I'm going to make a blogging schedule. Like post every Monday & Thursday afternoon (for starters) so you know when you can come check Makeup Monologues out and hope this helps with you Monday and mid week blues!



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