Thursday, February 5, 2015


 You can probably tell that I'm more into glosses lately! yes, I'm so over the crusty winter lips. I crave balmy, glossy stuff nowadays. Also, thinking of summers, blue waters and popsicles, all I want is bright glossy lips!
While on the popsicle topic, I can't help but mention the mini-popsicles that are the Revlon Colorburst Moisture Stains! I've been in love with Revlon ever since I can remember for being a brand that doesn't test products on animals. I fell for Revlon more with the launch of the Kissable Balm Stains (look at more pictures here)
Ya, the new Moisture Stains, long story short - these are basically glosses. that stain eventually.
I have the colour Rio Rush it's a gorgeous bright bubblegum pink without any shimmer in it; that looks very stunning and flatters most complexions in my opinion. It does brighten up mine.
What I love about this is that-
  1. The colour! Stunning!
  2. It's balmy and moisturising
  3. Love the glossy finish
  4. It lasts a good 3- 3.5 hours on me 
What I don't love so much-
  1. On application, it looks patchy and doesn't go on smoothly on the lips (at first) Lot's of blending and more swipes of colour are needed to make it look even! Maybe it's just my tube or the cold weather here. But it's not the easiest things to just apply in a rush and that's a bummer. I find it similar to the Maybelline Lip Polishes (Only, Revlon ones are more pigmented)
  2. It doesn't stain on me!!! Isn't that the whole point?

It looks completely fuchsia here in the lip swatch. it's more of a pretty bright bubblegum pink in reality!
These are comparable to the Maybelline Lip pilishes (more pictures here)

Price Rs 675

Revlon Colorburst Moisture stain in Rio Rush might not be the easiest to apply, but once done, is a stunning bubblegum pink lipgloss that'll keep your lips moisturised and juicy looking, drenched in opaque glossy colour, but these don't stain on me, and keep me company for around 3 - 3.5 hrs max, after which I need to reapply!

Now for the announcements, I can't say everything  today but I might be collaboration with a brand and coming up with something exquisite and beautiful  for you all! Ahem! Also, give me a few days to make this more clear! No internet and I'm  posting from my phone!!

Stay tuned!



  1. Beautiful color ikya! Excited about the upcoming collaboration. Must be awesome. Yayy!

  2. Its such a pretty color. I have a few of these. Im still on the fence a bit.

  3. such a pretty color. I have a few of these. I am still kind of on the fence about them!! The moussy texture feels weird!

  4. My recent obsession is finding perfect lipstains. I'm one of those who can't let any cakey / glossy layer on my lips stay.. And will keep licking it or wipe it till its off. :( So I need the lovely long lasting stain minus the feel of lipstick / gloss. Please please do a post on the best stains available in India.. Maxfactor, Revlon, Loreal etc. And judge them! Been dying for a post like this.


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