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You know me, I've always been a bright lipstick and eyeliner girl. I've never been one to experiment with eye makeup. That is after a number of failed, horrifying eye makeup looks I tried to do when I'd just started out playing with makeup. Yes, I stopped. I stopped in the name of God. For the welfare of mankind. And I stopped because I was horrified at the way I looked here! Dont laugh, ok!
But obviously, I din't completely stop! I did get a neutral MUA palette and pretty much abused it for everything for the longest time. So when I was in Sephora a few weeks ago, I decided to try a new palette and got majorly attracted to this Stila - In the light- Eyeshadow palette! I had to have it.
Read on for the detailed review.

 The packaging is stunning. I really like it a lot. It comes in a light cardboard box. It has a mirror that's useful & A Stila Smudge stick eyeliner in 'Damsel'.
Which is way better than a useless brush it could have  had for company otherwise!
 It even came with a tiny booklet demonstrating some looks but that stuff is for amateurs! Lol no. It's fantastic! I have a pretty dry eye area and so without a primer, most of these colours last fairly well on me- about 6 hours, after which they fade, a lot!
 This palette has 10 eyeshadows. It's a good mix of mattes and shimmers. All the colours are quite stunning and anyone with barely any imagination can create a ton of different looks. But they differ in texture and quality. Some colours are quite pigmented, blendable and buttery. Some, aren't.

Top row

Bare- This is a matte yellow-ish white highlight shade. This is buttery and bendable and has become my go to brow bone highlight. It blends well into my skin and looks natural. I like using shimmery highlight only under the highest point of the arches of my brows.

Kitten- This is a pale, shimmery champagne colour. Pigmented and buttery. Perfect for inner corner and brow bone highlight for an evening look!

Bliss- It's a cool toned, pinkish light brown to my skin tone. took me many swatches for the colour to show up on my skin. It is fairly pigmented. It is just too similar to my skintone ad blends seamlessly. I like it as a transition shade.

Sunset- A stunning bronze. Pigmented and buttery texture. Love it!

Sandstone- A matte deep brown. Really well pigmented, great texture.

Bottom Row
Bubbly- A stunning pale champagne gold. Love everything about this eyeshadow. can be used as an all over lid colour and a highlight on my medium dark, Indian skintone. (NC 40 in MAC). Well pigmented and buttery smooth in texture!

Gilded Gold- A golden brown with lots of gold shimmer that spreads all over! This isn't as pigmented.

Luster- is a deep grey-ish brown with shimmer.

Night Sky- A blue-ish sleel grey with lots of silver shimmer.

Ebony- A black with minute shimmer, that barely gets translated to the skin.

The last 4 colours aren't as pigmented as the rest.

The Smudge stick Eyeliner in Damsel - is a brown eyeliner. in a twist up pencil. It is soft and long lasting. Very pigmented and was a dream to apply! My only gripe with this is that the product just never twisted up. The swatch is from the part of the exposed tip. And the rest isn't twisting up. What a waste!

I honestly quite like this palette. But then again, I'm a neutral fan and most of the colours I like using are together here and work well for me.

Price Rs 2675

In all honesty, while I believe that it is a nice palette with some stunning eyeshadows, I think there are quite a few other palettes, quite as good and their prices wouldn't hurt either!
But if there are certain colours here that caught your fancy, and would give you sleepless nights if you didn't own them (I know it would have happened to me!) You should get it!

Available at Sephora stores in India.
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  1. wow the palette looks pretty and the shades are gorgeous xoxo

  2. The swatches look super pretty. Its good that it comes with an eyeliner !

  3. Lovely shades, would love to try them :)

  4. That bronze shade is gorgeous!

    1. Yes! Sunset, Bubbly & Kitten have to be my favourites in the palette! No, wait. I love them all.


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