Thursday, December 31, 2015

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick - Review, Dupes

If you know me at all, you know that Christmas and New Years is a big deal for me and that this is my favourite time of the year! But this year, as great as I expected it to be, a few hiccups ensured that I totally forgot about the jolly spirit! Boo
But tonight, alone in my pj's, with a face full of makeup, munching on deep fried, unhealthy snacks (Here) and watching a chick flick, I couldn't have been happier! I wanted to Blog and while a post like The Best and Worst of 2015 would be more appropriate, I just couldn't look beyond this pretty, bright, mood uplifting, NYE appropriate Pink Lipstick!
I'm a strong believer of Reds are for Christmas and bright Pinks are for New Years! I'll talk about my Christmas Lipstick in another post now! Don't get ahead of yourself! oh btw, remember this bright Pink lipstick from MAC was my NYE lipstick a couple of years back? Ooh and what's with my over plucked eyebrows there!!!

MAC Pink Pigeon is the most gorgeous neutral (slightly cool toned) bright Pink that will suit most (Indian &) skintones in the world!'Its a MATTE formula and MAC Mattes are my favourite. they're soft , glide on beautifully, stay put a long time (3 - 4 hours)  and leave a stain behind!

MAC describes Pink Pigeon as a Bright, cleanest Pink.

This is a girly, Barbie pink guys and definitely not for the faint hearted. But My Birthday and New Year's is a time to go all out and all glam in my opinion! ;)

If other neautral Pinks look like they might was you out, or if Candy Yum Yum seems too tough to Pull Off (see what I did there?) Piunk Pigeon is your best bet!

Dupes are the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick #20 (Click for Review)
& the Maybelline POW 2 Lipstick
But they're both dupes color wise. They're both not Matte and have some glossiness to them.


Price Rs 1450 Ouch!

This, I new since I first saw it, would be my New Year Lipstick and it did glam up my evening in pj's!
This one's a total love!

P.S. : Guys, this is my last post of 2015! Yay! I made it! See you'll next year!
Hope you'll are having a great time right now and hope that your 2016 is your best, happiest, most successful year yet! Love you'll tons! :*

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  1. The shade looks very vibrant! It looks so nice on you!

    Wishing you a successful new year!


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