Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Garnier Oil In Cream Review

I'm at a new place and things are different. You know if you've watched my Life Update video here.
The constant moving and constant change feels good . Like I can deal with it and even enjoy it right now in life, but it is taking a toll on my skin and hair and health. The constant pill popping isn't helping and my skin care routine needs to be worked on. Oiling my hair regularly isn't happening, because of the 100 social commitments (and the parties we throw to break away from said social commitments don't leave me any time to really wash my hair post oiling that much). But the only thing I am able to fit in my schedule right now, with some good results is this- Garnier Oil In Cream. And I'll tell you why.
I was sent this to try out and while I did give it a go in the start, I din't feel much. I was at home then and my hair was in decent condition and I could even find time to oil it back then. But now, the story is a little different.
It's basically a hair cream. Consistency, much like a conditioner. It's even a little lighter, if you may.
What's good is, I have used it a couple of ways, before/ after/ during my shower and that flexibility makes it easy to actually incorporate it into my current lifestyle. 
  • I have once used it as an overnight oil treatment. And while my hair felt slightly better the next day after a wash, it wasn't to the effect of a hot oil over night treatment. So I never did this again. For that much of an effort, might as well oil my hair.
  • I then used it like a conditioner, instead of a conditioner and my hair felt great, nice and manageable and not tangled (this is a recent problem).
  • I have used it in place of a leave in conditioner cream (just veryyyy slightly on the length and the ends of my hair, when damp) and this works great in my opinion. This is my most favourite way to use it. This is my husbands favourite way to use it too btw! Ever since I did it for him once, he's been more regular than me with this. I'm sure I'll have to repurchase it for the man at home.

It smells great like most Garnier products (is it just me or does EVERYTHING they make smell good? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

The big tube (200gms) costs Rs 100 and that's inexpensive.
I've loved this mainly because there are just so many ways to incorporate it into my messed up routine, and it ensures that my hair gets some nourishment. Your hair still needs a good oil massage, but when you're too pressed for time or have a horrible memory to remember to do so, this will come to your rescue as it did for me!

p.s. :  press sample 


  1. I like using this as a hair mask, but I'm not a big fan of the fragrance.

    1. Ooh ya! Fragrances are personal! :) I like it

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