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Girls, you in?

I'd like to take  a moment to tell creepy excited boys to read further at their own risk. Don't blame me for bursting your bubble later. This is not going to be as pretty as it is in "your head".

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I am talking about PMS (short for Pre menstrual Syndrome)! You know (boys, if you're still reading) it is not actually this bunch of words women "created" to get away with anything. It IS something that lets us get away with anything!
I don't want to dwell on this. You can read it here.
I go through a serious phase of PMS. I dread the worst 5 days of the month! (So bad that I'm left immobile for around 3 days. I have severe aches and vomit everything I eat. All the tests say it is normal. [:S])

I think most of my "PMS" is psychological because I dread this time. And I am constantly angry, Hate the colour red, Snap at everyone and I'm basically a b*tch. Everyone who knows me goes through it with me. [Has to, I think]. Then there are painful feet, zero reflexes and such physical conditions too. Very lazy to even hit someone! :|
Sometimes I never realise it, other times it goes on for as long as 10 days! I just try not to think about it, and it works sometimes! I try to focus on other things and stuff.. Try to keep myself hydrated and all that.

Does anyone of you go through this in your own strange way?
What do you do for it? Oh and what do you do for the pain?! Let me in on your secrets  I just have to pop pills! :S



  1. Aw, I'm sorry you have such an awful time of it :( My days are never that bad (just genetics, I guess), but I just indulge in ice cream and tea and try to have a little more patience with myself than usual. I do find myself more prone to bad temper, so I try to give myself some space and personal time :P

  2. Thanks hun!:) I eat icecream for 3 days straight! I vomit anything else!:P I have considered locking myself up in isolation.. lol.. doesn't work!

  3. Same story evrywhere i guess :( it sucks so badddddddd :/ i dread d days too n well dis pill meftal forte helps smtyms i ad to ask a doc :/ coz i basicaly cry my eyes out n u knw pain gets bttr i read smwhere its got to do wd endorphins dt get released even whn u cry dt cn help wd d pain :o nyways i use a heatng pad n d frst day m immobile n u knw v cnt get away wd it al d time v hve to get on wd it n do wtvrs needed wich is so hard :( like clg xams n ol :( n pms i think is d root cause fr everythng dt goes wrng :p LOL

  4. Nice post! Too bad you suffer so much! I guess its more psychological like u already mentioned. I don't feel it much except a bit of water retention *physically*. I do get veryy emotional sometimes and irritated easily. I dont have much of a sweet tooth but I have intense sweet cravings this time and I indulge myself royally then :P I have pain for first 2 days so I take Cyclopam or Ibugesic and use hot compresses as much as I can. that helps :)

  5. I'm not too bad, although my husband claims otherwise :P pain also isn't too bad, but I do get backaches at night and that sucks the most!

  6. Apoorva, Oh God! yes Meftal! ALL the time! I feel that crying makes me weaker and it hurts more.. So I just scream! :P yes heating pad and I had to work on my project and attend my jury once. God, it was veryy bad!:(

    Corallista, Thank you!:P Oh yes I get the water retention part but that I feel in strange places!:P Oh I'll try that. I do the hot compress thing. keeps me sane. :)

  7. aww..I guess u suffer a lot..yes its more of psychological..thankfully I do not suffer much..though the first day is sometimes too bad..and even I used to have cyclopam..but den its so strong that I feel shivering :(
    So I switched to Voveran or some other..that too when very much required..but I hate those small break outs before the periods :(

  8. I've tried Meftal but I find it less effective as compared to Cyclopam or Ibugesic. With a pain killer and some chocolates, I almost forget I'm down :P I think a lot of pain is something called dysmenorrhea. Do look it up.

  9. Ki, thank God! U should see my cousin! She looks possessed!:P I really get scared!:P

    Bhumika, Yess!!:( I hate periods! I wish I never had them!!! :| I don;t like kids anyway.. So theres actually just no point! :P

  10. Yes i also scream howl n cry :( hate it :( n also wt i feel is d most irritating is dt its irregular as in wd d dates :p happens wd me.....n also alwyas it clashes wd smthng imp or smthng i m happy abt or wtvr :p

  11. Ankita, yes I know that.. It is actually very scary.. But the tests say everything is fine right now.. I dont know but. Really? I should give it a try. I have been popping this one called Tranexa mf.. which I've heard bad things aout, But it works a little.. I think I should try Cyclopam & Ibugesic

  12. Apoorva, Mine aren't irregular. They're regularly a week later.. So that's a pattern too! LOL ALWAYS!

  13. Oh i get d same thng water retention strange places n breakouts.....n ikyaaaa?dnt like kidsssss?hahhaa even i think its nt wrth it :( :(

  14. haha yes!! it is so not!:P I dont like them anyway!:P

  15. Bad that you suffer so much dear. I feel very lethargic during those days :( I don;t want to get up. leave my bed, not eat anything and feel very depressed

  16. awww so mcuh for what?! lol what a pain ya! sadness!!

  17. I am very angry, moody, and lazy in those days too!! !

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  18. Im having them now :(( and even I have bad aches and bad mood swings... more than me hubby dreads them now. hehhee
    i only do hot compresses.... and strange thing- tummy dsnt ache when Im standing but will pain like hell when I sit.. :(

  19. Tanvi, that's just the nice part!:P

    Bee, aww.. I'm one bartan throwing ,swearing thing!:P haha poor brother of mine is so trained for his bride to be.. he'll never say anything!:P I cant stand or sit! Its like I don't have a backbone!!! all ache!:P It sounds funny now.. But is horrible when it happens!:P

  20. Wow, ten days? That sounds awful. For me the pain usually isn't that bad.

  21. Thank God! There are gals who feel like that...I thought I am the only one...well first 3days r so painful ..not only that the PMS starts 10 days beforehand...so that acts as a warning bell....and I show my scrunched up nose for that whole time, never feeling like doing or eating anything! But an empty stomach gives more pain I have seen!! I don't take pills. But u know I have seen eating papaya (the fruit form) helps in reducing the pain. Add some lemon juice and salt and sugar to it and u would get a healthy fruit salad(?)!
    But no matter what I just dread that time!! :( It is sooooo bad and painful and pathetic! WHY US GOD???!!! Though I don't resent the fact of children!

  22. even i go thru dis horrible pain..it starts at d lower back..n den moves 2wards my right leg..it pains like hell..n it feels like m gonna die..(a very wierd feeling)..can't sleep,sit or walk...n den in d end i vomit...den evrything goes fine...phew..!!

    i take meftal..which is specially for such pain...

    lemme tell u having such amt of pain is definitely not a gud sign..u must visit a doc..i did it 2...n m taking medication....

  23. Vijii, lol 10 days, PMS:p The real thing goes on for 4/5 days.. :S

    Pooja,LOL I was kidding about the babies!:P everything else.. is the same.. :S I don't even want to think about it!!!

    Kanika, I did go to a doc! Like a 100 times now.. everything is normal apparently.. yeah meftal.. I take it too.. but it really doesn't work for me..

  24. aw! I'm sorry you have to go through that Ik. I know PMS is really bad for a lot of women, but it's bearable for me. I usually get just a dull pain in the thighs and the lower back. I can't stand for too long; I have to be seated. And of course my whole body feels sore. Other than that, I'm fine.

  25. Thank you Poohkie!!! Oh sounds bad too.. :(

  26. I suffer from polyovarian cystasis..i hope tats rgt :P anyways tat means I get my periods like for every 3 months :O :O And I feel awful..all fainting vomiting..And yes Immobile for nearly 5 days and I forgot backache and headache and pimples all over my face..I dread those tyms for sure !!

  27. Heyy Eyeks :)

    I knoww, I get soo annoyed during that time and more annoyed when people give me that knowing look and "tolerate" my annoyance..aaaargh!
    I dont like taking tablets till I can help it so I usually just curl up with my favourite things, read A book(now e-book), Huge bar of chocolate and some fun movies and just lie there after I come home
    If the pain s too much I take Magadol, if you wanna try it start with half a tablet ok?
    Right here with you sister
    Looove n hugs! :* :)

  28. Iku, sweetheart I hope your feeling better my dear.
    What you are going through is not just PMS, its a case of Acute Dysmenorrhea. I have dealt with this problem for many years myself.I'll give you few tips from personal experience, but I'd still suggest you see a gyanec and see if you need any hormonal treatment for long term relief.

    Tip 1- Use a hot compress/hot water bag for lower back & abdominal cramps
    Tip 2- Avoid aerated/caffeinated drinks they just spike the frayed temper further.
    Tip 3- Eat light small meals, include fruit & lots of fiber in your diet to aid digestion
    Tip 4-You can use meftalspa for pain relief,but don't make it a habit.
    Tip 5-Keep having lemonade,fruit juice,glucose to ensure you are well hydrated.
    Tip 6 Give yourself a tummy & back rub.If you have swelling in your feet,soak them in hot water with salt.
    Tip 7 Relax and think of happier times, its very easy to be irritable on these days and loose cool with everyone around.Just take it easy.

    Take care and cheer up :) All is well!

  29. Shweta, I'll google it cause I have no idea what it is!!:| Good Lord.. Mine is regular but the pain is bad! :'(

    Keerthi, :P People know mine! Everyone knows mine! It is VERY obvious people avoid me!:PP:P Oh I watch movies or reruns of shows or stuff.. I eat icecream:P
    I don't have my periods now!!:P neither am I PMSing tight now! I just wanted to post this abhi haha

    IBC, I don't have my periods now neither am I PMSing right now!:P I just wanted to do this post.. :P so I can think of something this time.
    You know I've always felt I've got dismenorrhea, but I just went for a blood test for that. There are other ones too na.. I dint do those. But it was never positive..
    I do exactly as you're saying.
    Meftal spas doesn't work on me. :( Its too mild for me these days.
    I cant have anything sour or my stomach aches more.
    I just lie in and watch tv the whole day!!! :(

  30. Awww.,...Ikkoo..it sounds bad.

    I don't have much probs during the time..Li'l bit of extra emotions...and as for pain, earlier it was tummy pain..but nowadays I don't experience that but some weighing down feeling on my legs.

  31. **Huge hug** I'm so sorrrryyyy you go through this!!:(( I get horrible cramps too but no PMS. I wish I got the PMS instead of you, I hate that you have to go through that!:( My mom got me a tea from her homeopathic Dr that helps. It's made with Chamomile and Rosemary. Also Raspberry leaf tea really helps. A bath with Burt's Bees Therapeutic Bath Crystals helps not only my cramps but it helps my sore legs, hips, back, and feet I get during that time. I'll put a link to them at the end.
    My sister gets PMS and she takes Chaste Tree supplements for it. I can tell you it helps her cause she doesn't yell at me when she takes it lol.
    Hope these tips help, my love!!


  32. Poornima, It is bad!! :( Lol little extra emotions it seems! Oh yes the leg thing to me too! :(

    Sonia, awww you are so sweet! Don't say that! I hope you never, EVER have to go through this!!! NEVER!!:(
    lol haha really? I'll look for Chaste Tree supplements then! My PMS is sometimes there, sometimes, there is nothing at all! I feel it is more psychological. But my periods are horrendous! :( I feel a long hot water bath helps me. I bathe as much as I can then.. twice, thrice..
    You are the sweetest ever!!! Sonia, I love you so sssoooo much!!:* Thank you for being so sweet!:*

  33. Sorry to hear this girl. 50% of the time, I dont feel a thing. Other half of the time I'm bitchy, super moody, easily agitated, etc according to people around me. Personally I think I'm bitchy, super moody and easily agitated regardless of what time of the month it is, so I don't feel the difference. LOL. But yes, I do get a super painful period every once in a while. I usually just want to kill someone :D

  34. exactly my thought!!! Same here with PMS happens sometimes, sometimes it doesn't.. But my periods are painful!:(

  35. OMG!! i think ur my long lost sister who lives in hyd! i dont like children either and seriously WHAT is the point of periods for such people! id rather raise animals :D at least they dont talk back, arnt as expensive OR irritating :D

  36. OMG U ARE my long lost sister! a centimeter taller than me and I said the exact same thing to someone yesterday! I'd rather have animals, they wont talk back!:)

  37. Hey, I know about polycystic ovarian syndrome also called PCOD which Shweta mentioned. But I didn't mention that cos you don't seem to have the symptoms- weight gain, difficulty in weight loss, acne, oily skin, hair fall and missing periods. But do find out about it.

  38. Oh no.. :S sounds really bad.. :S No I said I'd google it just to find out.. Doesn't sound like what I have.. :S But sounds really bad ya.. I have taken a blood test for dismenorrhea but it came out negative.. But I dunno.. scared now!!:(

  39. Aww dahlin!

    Day before I come on, I could KILL someone without even thinking. No problem.

    During my period, especially on the first day, I can't walk, because of the pain. ( I get a lot in my thighs as well as the obvious place ) I throw up, and cry and curse. I disappear into my room and don't return! xxxx

  40. aww hun that sounds terrible.. I go through pretty much the same too!

  41. me has bad days too....horrible stomach ache, vomiting, sleepy and lethargic, even with spinning head sometimes..i have too pop pills too...as with pms.. mostly it comprises of days full of over-stressing on everything, tummy aches, low back pain..phew!!!!!!!

  42. It used to be the same with me and everyone (read mom, aunts, granny) would say that things would be better after I got married (once I started having sex they meant)...didn't improve, then they said, after delivery, the cramps and all would go away...I had TWO NORMAL childbirths and tho the pain, cramps etc is much more tolerable now, its still thr.
    The thing that I felt really makes a difference is regular exercise, even if it is just a daily walk or an hour of yoga. Regular exercise DOES help my bloating, cramps, nausea, pain etc.hope this helps.

    PS- never had any nausea thru either of my pregnancies tho...lucky me *touchwood*

    1. Oh NO!! My only hope was sex! haha But on a serious note, exercising does help me too! Every month I don't get enough of a work out, the pain is almost double!! Thanks a tonne Dollie! :)


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