Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Should I Call This FOTD/ EOTD?

I am usually good with names. But there is something wrong with me today.
I decided out of the  blue  green, that I wanted to do a colourful EOTD. Help me name it. Will you?
MAC Rubenesque Paintpot (base)
Lakme Purple Oasis quad (highlight colour & purple)
Lakme Peacock quad (Green used in the crease)
Streetwear green pencil eyeliner
MAC Swimming eyeshadow
Clinique Mascara
MAC MSFN (all over)
MAC Springsheen (apples. Borrowed from mum)
MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer
MAC Fix+

MAC Crosswires
MAC Lychee Luxe Lipglass.
How did I stick those petals? With a Lipglass! LOL
Why did I stick those petals? I don't knowwwww! :|
Which flower do those petals belong to? That's for YOU to guess. :D
EDIT: I already think this looks silly. :|


  1. Whatever it is .. indeed looks pretty :P ... you have a naughty smile i must say :D

  2. WOW!! Gorgeous makeup!! You are a pro at it!! And crosswires looks soooo good on you...m temped to buy!!

  3. the petals are very katy perry-esque:)

  4. Shalini.. you think so? I already think it is silly!:P

    Srish, OMG Thank you!:D Naaawwww!:P Oh yes get crosswires. You'll really rock it!:)

    Classy, :P I really don't know what I was thinking!

  5. I would just call it flower goddess friend of the earth sexiness of the day? LOL

  6. veryyyy pretttyyyyyy :D :D :* awesme look n great smile :)

  7. Shivani I feel like changing the title to that!!! haha :*:*\

    Apoorva, :D:D:* wherreee have youu beenn???:D Thank youuuummwaaahhhhh

  8. nubile nymphette indeed... Ikku is in a good mood these days... glad to see that

  9. :D:D Beeee I am in a good mood when you're around!:D:*:*

  10. Ikku ..... oh my my ... i wanna give you the naughtiest compliment but the thing is , its public place and I dont want to make people think fishy about ME ...
    I wish you understand ...

    tell you ikku .. you are looking like a BEACH GODDESS ... sware and the smile is so deadly ... KILLER it is and so is your flawless skin ..
    i can understand why you got hate comments coz you are THREAT to them ...
    wooohhhhhhh is it too much ??

    One WORD

  11. :D:D I don;t know what to say Rashmi! You are just the sweetest ever!!!:*:*:* haha No one is thinking anything negative about you ever!! No oneeee!!!:D
    Thank youuuu Rashmi!:D:D haha you're the sweetest OMG I'm saying the same thing over and over again cause I'm speechless after reading your comment!!!:*:*

  12. ikky..u look soo cutee in this !!! truly...

  13. :D:D thank you Bhumika!!:D:D:D I was really unsure. But then I was like what the heck?! My blog. I put what I want!:P

  14. You look so pretty! This looks very tropical island-Hawaiian kinds :P The petals looks like they've been plucked from a rose. Ohh I can so picture you in one of those beachy palm leaves skirts with the leis ard ur head and neck! :P :P

  15. Really Ankita? My threats don't work very evidently!:P Imagining me with leaves for skirts? :P:P:P thank youu!!:*:*:*:P:P

  16. pretty girl.. u have a lovely smile :)

  17. lol good lord! my bro was gaping at your pic! I shooed him away! :P But girl, you're gorgeous with a capital G!!!

    ♥ Sukanya

  18. Lol at Shivani's comment...I agree :D And I love Crosswires on you! The purple-green eye is beautiful, too. And I am horrible at naming my EOTDS :P

  19. haha you look really mischievous! I love it!

  20. I would call it a midsummer nights dream..i have no idea why...just sounds right!

  21. I don't know what I would name this but it's super pretty!

  22. You look GORGEOUS my love! Your skin is amazzzziiing!! You're so beautiful Ikya! <33

  23. U look gorgeous and glowing...now I don't wanna say more..u know why right?? haha

    The petals are from gladioli flowers? just a guess....

    lovely look ikkooo...just cant stop staring...mmmwah

  24. Rekha, Thank you!!:D

    Sukanya, Thank youuu!!! Please gape at your brother for me?:D:D

    Larie, hehe Thank youu!!:D

    Poohkie!:D:D Thank youuu

    Mehak, :D I like that.

    Scarlett, OMG Coming from you, I am mighty impressed with myself!:D

    Sonia, :D:D Thankkk youuu!!! Not half as Gorgeous as you though!:*

    Poorni:D haha you're too sweeet!!:*:* Arey these flowers are from a pomegranate tree!:P :D Let me also stare please. Send me pictures with new lipsticks!!!:P

  25. u look gorgeous n love the way u have done ur eyes ..btw i so fall in love with Crosswires every time I see it on u ..n so wanna buy it now :)

  26. :D:D Thank you Saumya!!!!!:D Ohh get Crosswires! It is beautiful!!!:D LOVE it!

  27. it sooo pwetty Eyeks!! petals inclusive..so perfect for the drab monsoon! you should call it "La Femme Ikita" ;) Killer it is! :)

  28. :D:D Awesome you are!!! You seriously need to tweet! I miss you!:(
    and oh and how was h&g? :P

  29. aww i miss you too! I dunno somehow didnt get bitten by the tweeter bird, now i think its too late, all i tweet about are giveaways :D
    H&G dont ask, i dragged my parents n Him to this godawful telugu movie(which we enjoyed anyway with so much junk food n making fun of the actors) by the time it was done all stores closed! :( now im sure the offer s all done but then again, the festival season s coming up right? will there be makeup clearance too? :D

  30. You look so cute Ikky!!! I wanna pinch your cheeks :D..... with the flowers it looks very tropical, and I liked Mehak's suggestion

  31. hehe thank youuu!:D:D Yeah it's nice. It's time to change the title?!:D


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