Sunday, March 31, 2013

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner Review, Swatches, EOTD

 You know I've been so busy and injured and busy and injured and busy lately, I haven't had time to breathe! I swear I thought I'd have the weekend free and thought I'd sit on my bum and do absolutely nothing and just relax. But No! Things kept popping up and I'm stressed and being so crazy I actually have been typing busty instead of busy. On my phone, here, in mails! I've had to redo things I did earlier and got ruined, I've had to redo things because I misplaced the previous ones. I've been forgetful and absent minded to an extent where I looked for scissors all over my house while I was holding a pair. Yes, that's what I was making those snipping gestures with too while looking for them. And I drove everybody at home mad, to an extent where they actually saw me snip-gesturing (?) with my scissors and still went looking for scissors.
Thing is, I did promise myself in the 90s that I wouldn't ever wear matte brown lipstick and/ or icy cool coloured eyeliners. But I've done them both now, thanks to Maybelline. So now, I applied this eyeliner (to try out) and forgot all about having it on and went about my business to a number of places. And you know the best part? I din't once get a weird look from anybody! And that was my only concern here, with this product.
It's a nice tiny bottomed tube with 3 grams of product; with a nice long handle for the brush. Now, I'm not really a liquid eyeliner person since I discovered the more forgiving (and easier to work with; well, according to me at least) gel eyeliners. but this did remind me what I was missing out on in life! The precision you get with liquid liners is unmatched.
The thin, long brush handle is a lot like a pencil or an eye-liner brush, which makes it easier to use unlike other tiny, stubby liner brushes.
 The tip of the brush is really thin for precise application, yet soft and flexible, so it doesn't tug.
Colour: So it's a light shade of turquoise that definitely leans towards green on me. It had tiny gold shimmer, that looks great. Because it has an icy quality to it, I tried applying it on black eye-liner and dabbing and smudging it a little to combine the two, and it did look great that way
Pigmentation wise, it's brilliant. One swipe gives you opaque coverage, and that's because the texture is really creamy, it's not a runny liquid. But this also means that when you go over it to build up the colour/ thickness, there are chances your finished product will look slightly streaky, and because of the light, pop of a colour, it shows.
It lasts for around 5 hours on me.
The best part is that it's water resistant, but not water proof. Which means, it will survive your khushi ke aasu (tears of joy) but it will leave you alone once you try rubbing it off with water.
It looks a lot better when applied after tightlining.

Price Rs 350

ps: sent brand/pr for review


  1. I'm so glad you posted finally :) I didn't know they have these in different colours! Not in my city yet, I think! This reminds me of that song "Ice Ice Baby" ;)

  2. I just came back and was abt to message you when i saw this in the inbox... good to know you are doing fine... things may be crazy, but you'll get thru :)

    am glad u can pull this shade off.. not my cuppa tea... and then at my age, i am more likely to get those "looks" :)

  3. i was waiting for someone to review/swatch these..while it looks great on you.. ive tried to achieve the same look using the maybelline colour tatoo here

    so will just give this one a miss

  4. Pretty!! You carry the icy blue tone off pretty well. :) Are these out yet? And do they come in other colours?

  5. I really want to try this, but in the black. I always have so much trouble doing cat eyes and this looks perfect for it
    Daniella x

  6. kushi ke aasoon hahaha you're funny...
    and that is a very interesting shade of blue!

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    let me know! <3

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