Sunday, March 17, 2013

Maybelline BB Stick Fawn Vs Radiance, Swatches, FOTD

           So because I'm excited and nervous and have mixed feelings about the coming week, I really don't have a back story for this post. Ok no, wait. Correction. I hurt my back. You remember? Ya. So when I got a little better, and got out for some work, I couldn't get back home without bringing little makeup beings home with me. So while I thought I'd try the Maybelline BB Cream since I've already tried and reviewed the BB stick in Fawn here, I remembered reading some very wise words from a very wise lady..

 ...Tanveer from ATB; who said "After Ponds TM, this is the one product that has really, really impressed me! It makes all the other BB creams in the market look really bad in comparison, but it is a pity that the shade selection is so terrible."
And considering I loved Fawn, I decided to blend the testers at the store to see if they were blendable, and thankfully they literally melted into each other so beautifully, I decided the BB cream could wait!
So now I just draw a few stripes of each on my face and blend, and get a brilliant match for my skin.
 So why Radiance? While most Indian skintones are happy with Fawn, I needed to balance it out with some pink. Fawn has very strong yellow tones and I don't. That more or less made it look muddy on me. Now Radiance is pinker, and a lot whiter, which on its own would look ashy on my extremely balanced, neutral skintone! Yes, Ladies and gentlemen! I finally found out that my skintone is very neutral. probably the only neutral thing about me!

Story over. Here are the swatches for you, in different lighting!

I've been dusting it with a coat of my trusted TBS Loose Powder to set it completely.
Ok, so be nice and pray for me, alright? Leetil scared and little jumpy I am lately. Worried about tomorrow!


  1. you look beautiful! which lip color have you applied in this pic?

    1. Thanks! You're really kind! :) Maybelline My Mahogany.

  2. You look lovely Ikya!! Are they really that blendable? I somehow can't fathom how a BB stick can be applied all over the face without looking too made up! How is the texture?

    1. Hi M! Thanks you you're too kind. You know, you need to swatch it for yourself to see how great they are! I was really surprised myself! It melts like butter when it touches your skin and it's really light in texture. I properly reviewed it here

    2. Just saw it! That's a detailed review. Thank you. :D Guess I'll have to pick both of those shades up. I'm probably none of these individually. :(

      BTW: Some similarities here. I'm an Army School RKP brat too! 2008 batch. :D And folks are pseudo settled in Sec'bad. RSI is a stone's throw away. :)

    3. WHAT!!! Wow! I'm from the 2005 batch! :D you're not exactly next door to me, but Pretty close! So whenever you're here, we must, MUST accidentally bump into eactother at RSI(which btw is my most favorite place on earth lately for some strange reason) or meet anyway! :)

    4. Definitely!! :D Will be there in May. Last sem of law school on. :) I'm in that colony bang next to KV Bolarum. Yayyyy! Going to chatter non-stop about makeup with you. And school. And RSI. :D

  3. You are so pretty, I am wondering why would you even wear makeup in the first place.


  4. Oh this is a really nice idea IK, hopefully they will come up with better shades next time.

  5. Great post. Do you want to follow each other ?

  6. Hey! Thanks for the link love & thank you for calling me wise! :D I hope you liked the BB stick :D

  7. good post! I'm following you. I really hope you to the same!

  8. wonderful post!!
    like your blog, enjoy reading it.
    wondering if you wanna follow each other? we could stay in touch though.
    just let me know.
    best wishes

  9. You look fabulous!!!!
    Your skin is so clear!!!!

  10. I have read only good reviews of this product.. i think they are gonna convert me ( a non believer in the BB cream gimmick) for sure!

  11. LOVE the light shade !

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  12. Great shades :o)
    Lets follow each other, hun :)
    I'm following you now.
    I would be very glad to have you as my new friend, too.

    Ina :*

  13. Oh wow! So interesting post!
    You are soooo beautiful, pretty lady!! Chic! :)

  14. Wow!!! You def look lovely. Among these two shades, I would also pick radiance. It looks like it blends well with the skin. I wanna try this one out too.

  15. You are gorgeous! I have the Maybelline Dream BB creams, and I love them a lot, so I'm going to have to check out these BB sticks. And I hope your back heals soon!


  16. WOW! You look really sweet :) Just saw your blog and I am addicted ^_^ BTW did you try mixing both of them and then using?

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  17. Ur looking so gorgeous in this pic!!!! U r soooooooo pretty!

    I too finally managed to get was out of stock at most of the places I checked and yes, blended, they match my skin tone much better.

  18. Great job,Ikya! I am glad you found your perfect shade by mixing fawn and radiance! :) I sooo want maybelline to come up with a shade thats between the two! How could they think that just 2 shades will suffice?!:O

  19. Hey Ikya, you look so pretty :) Great post. I have Maybelline BB stick in the fawn shade and i absolutely love it. :) I was hoping they'd bring out more shades as fawn is a little dark for me but the Maybelline website shows just two shades. SAD! But over all its a great product :)

  20. Both very nicely compared Ikya and you looking beautiful in the pic :)

  21. wow nice comparision but m still confused what to buy..better i buy both!!

  22. nice comparison.. i would buy both as m still in confusion!!

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