Saturday, June 22, 2013

Friday's Letters # 5

Let's just say I'm on US time like the rest of the Hyderabad, okay?

Dear Mint Colour, I din't want to believe it, but I'm obsessed with you! I'm always wearing you on my nails all the time! I love my new high low skirt more because it's mint! But I really wonder why the boys just don't get you. When I showed my brother you on my nails, he said nice. I asked him which colour he thought you were? He said blue. I said Mint! He said but that's green (he meant mint leaves) or white! (polo/ tic tac mint stuff). Ok, That's all!

Dear 10D, It's always such a pleasure to have cheap lunch at you! Every time we come to you, it's so nostalgic and good and cheap!!! Oh and tell me, do you have something against me coming to you minus my primary group of friends? Because every-time I come with anybody else, you're always full! What's that Bob?

Dear Kids on Indian Idol, OMG You're all so cute!!! I just want you all to sit in my pocket and sing for me all day long!!!

Dear Kids in general, OMFG You've never seemed so cute to me in life! I don't know what's happening to me now but I want to stop and smell every kid I see!! I mean I'd only stop and talk to/ play with animals earlier and a baby never had that affect on me, But it's starting to happen now, don't know for how long though!

Dear Everybody who likes reading Friday's Letters, please forgive me for making you read it late always!
Oh and I read this somewhere (obviously on FB/ Twitter) recently - "No matter how much someone loves you, there's a dog that loves you more!" It's so true! I've become such a crier lately, I teared up reading that!



  1. love reading these posts on ur blog! :D u write so well!

    1. whaaat not half as good as any of you guys!

  2. Aww that quote is so true! How is Zorro btw?

  3. waddup?
    the thing u said about the indian idol kids..cutest shit ever!!! u r adorable!
    and i hope i never feel like that about kids in general...i'm anti kid! (for the major part of it)
    and about being a crier...i have cried looking at good day biscuits! (well only cz i was PMSing... or at least i like to believe that)


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