Tuesday, July 2, 2013

25 Things #2

  1. I really don't like weddings. Don't understand half of what's happening, don't know 70% of the people  attending (usually). Don't remember the other 29% and have to go through the trouble of pretending not to recognize the ones left! So I believe (and have since birth) that weddings are traumatizing!
  2. I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that I'm a crier.
  3. An old friend from school is getting married and I refuse to believe we're old enough!
  4. I wish my family din't read my blog. I think they're the only ones who do! Thank you for the love, support and encouragement everybody. Now close the window!
  5. Almost always, I'll buy myself a present when I have to buy someone else a present in order to give it away graciously.
  6. I've been missing our old bhaiyas a lot lately. One of my first memories is (as a 1+ yr old) walking every morning with Mehboob bhaiya to the Aiyappa swami temple (or the regiment temple, whichever was close) where we sat under a tree and I told him stories. I've never stopped telling stories since! Oh and I just recently met another bhaiya (who retired and came home to visit us) and he almost cried looking at me! I mean, I know I dint probably turn out exactly like most of you would have preferred, but ro mat bhaiya!
  7. There's a cow (or 3) in Hyderabad named after me. That just goes on to show what kind of horrible people my friends are [when they scream "eh Ik! Move!"]
  8. My observation skills whichever skill detects people on roads/ places etc are horrible! I'm often told how someone saw me somewhere and I ignored them! Other than being quite blind and in denial, I really don't notice anybody! I cant even find my family in a crowd/ while driving around. Maybe that's some people variant of dyslexia. I don't know.
  9. I believe Bharat matrimony is every parent's facebook.
  10. The sound of popcorn popping is like music to my ears.
  11. I hate confrontations. It's just one of those things I can't do. Obviously, I hate being at the receiving end as well.
  12. Did you ever hug a child? I wasn't a fan till I did and now, I'm a convert!
  13. I don't abuse (though some people wouldn't agree). Also, I hate it when people abuse! Or even those sidey hindi gaalis used out of affection, that still makes me want to throw phenyl in peoples' mouths! Now what I say *coughbccough* subconsciously (or definitely by mistake/ unknowingly) when I'm driving and something crazy happens, is not to be held against me! I went to army school Udhampur after all and some things cannot be unlearnt!
  14. I love the people I see on a daily basis! (I know you're reading this! *waves*)
  15. I like animals more than people. You obviously know that about me by now!
  16. I find it funny when people call themselves perfectionists. Isn't it something someone else should be saying about you? You're probably not, if nobody has noticed yet!
  17. I'm exhausted & I think I'm only going to repeat myself now! Or give out information that's not really needed!
  18. Like- The weirdest thing about me (and this is the first time I'm confessing to this), I hate tongues!! Hate, HATE! They are ugly. The only tongues I like are of dogs'. They're flat and pink and not threatening!
  19. I smell my hair. I smell my food. I smell people when we hug. I smell clothes, books, boxes. If I lift it, I smell it. If I'm holding it, I've probably already sniffed it, If I'm asking to see it, I'm definitely going to smell it first!
  20. I've started to believe in the evil eye. It's rubbish, mum says but I don't know. 
  21. I'm a small town person. I walk into elevators and never press buttons, unless I'm really excited/ I have some other agenda, then I press them all!
  22. I just realized that I have a mole (spot, like the million others on my face) on my lip!
  23. I don't think I'll ever live in Bombay. It's just one of those strange things, you know. I'm terrified of that big, chaotic city! Refer point 21. Also, I don't think I'll ever again live in Gujarat unless I marry an army officer and then alcohol wont be a problem anyway. Yes, I think about things like that! And while I'm at it, I don't want to live in Delhi till I cross 25!
  24. I have a 'drink water' alarm set to go off every hour on my phone but I ignore it all the time!
  25. I don't care about people being biased about the way women drive! I mean if Miss XYZ and Mrs PQR drive rubbish, and GVK mall gives the rest of us easy parking, who does it hurt?! But nooo! All these feminist type people had to crib, and they took it away from me! I like special treatment! Oh but, "wow! You drive like a man!" makes me want to punch people in the faces! Everyone drives rubbish here! Boy, girl, animal, thing!
First part here (link changed now!). I really can talk about myself! Ooh and I just found out that I've repeated myself here! So take this-

  • I HATE it when people ask me to chill/relax/take it easy! You take it easy! Bah!
  • I respond to a lot of questions with - 'due to the because' & 'mind your own business' The first one I stole from a friend who probably doesn't even remember he came up with it in college!


  1. Ikki.... you & I are soul sister.
    I hate weddings too... I hated my wedding! out of the millions that attended, I hardly knew 10.
    & dont get me started on bharatMatrimony
    I hate living in big city rush too. that's why I loved staying in pune , even though bombay is my hometown
    And I've become a big cryer too

  2. I used to love weddings...till I reached the age where going to a wedding meant being "on display" to all relatives/friends and having to endure questions like, u finished your studies, what are you doing now....blah blah. Once I got hitched, I got back to loving weddings in peace.
    And you know what they say, you never really abuse till you start driving!! Especially if you drive in India!

  3. you are adorable..was fun reading :)
    I too hate weddings..half the people I don't know :( I believe in evil eye :)
    Love no 9! bharat matrimony is every parent's FB :D hilarious!

    1. haha thank youu Parita! :D
      Bloody BM! stupid! really stupid!

  4. Awesomeness. Just Pure Awesomeness!

  5. Oh lord, I hate being told to chill or calm down too! Nothing makes me more angry and want to punch faces.

  6. two points that are eerily similar - i too smell my hair every now and then..and hate it when people ask me to replax.. i rarely am hyper anyways.. so hate it when they ask me to relax!

    1. haha it's normal for most girls to smell their hair because-
      a) they care how they smell.
      b) they can make their hair reach their nose!
      Ooh then you must REALLY hate it!

  7. ha ha ! i could relate to so many of these ~ bharat matrimony is indeed every parents fb and I hate to admit that I am grown up and eligible to get married.. or have babies for that matter....uggh..am I that old yet???really??

    1. No, no! Definitely not!! Child marriage! Call the cops!

  8. I knew quite a few of these :) Doing a little jig now. I miss you Ikku :*

    1. I miss you grinchu! Soo much! I got my phone back for you only!

  9. aww.. loved it! you are shoooo cute ;)

  10. Heyyy! You were in Army Public School Udhampur too? My father used to work with the MES for a couple of years, so I spent my first two years at Udhampur. :D

    And wow there are so many such similarities. I live in Delhi but still think of myself as a small-town person.

    1. wow! So you must have lived in the Sappers enclave! Our mess was there and so was our temporary accommodation! I was born in Udhampur! And I was there from 8th to 10th again! so I love that place!! Papa was posted with the CEUZ too! Now THAT'S a proper coincidence! :D

  11. Love your comment about Bharat Matrimony and I sniff a lot of things too, :P

  12. Ikya nice post.
    I too love to smell my hair. We girls have so many common things. Hahaha!

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  13. I believe Bharat matrimony is every parent's facebook.


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