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Bottega Di Lungavita Acqua Micellare Cleansing Solution Review

 While on my way back home from work yesterday, I saw like 100 YOs (young officers) get out of their college and I don't know why, it made me so happy! There's something about these men in uniform, and these really young ones, so cute in their ironed clothes and shiny stars and the way they walk.. they all look so good! When I told my friend this, she said, you'd like anybody in uniform!
And while I do believe that people look like their own better versions in uniform, you can easily tell an army officer even minus his uniform (you know what I mean smartass!) Thankfully the new makeup remover I've been using, leaves no trace of the makeup applied before! Which just means that you might not recognise me at home. :/
 What I like best about this cleanser is that it's just a plain water like solution! Like a toner to be precise. So it doesn't leave that oily film that the biphase removers leave. This was actually why I expected it not to work! But I was really surprised because it does remove every single trace of makeup, waterproof eyeliner, lipstians and mascara included! Even the MAC Paintpots/ Maybelline ColorTattoos it removes easily. I loved that it gets the pesky glitter from lipsticks and glosses off! That's something that always finds its way back to my face, so I'm thankful for that!
 I just pour some into a cotton pad and hold it to my eye for about half a minute and then wipe it. That melts it all and wipes more than half of it. I just need another wipe or two to clean the area completely.
 This is the first thing I use to remove dust and dirt, makeup from my face. I follow up with water and face wash but don't when I'm really lazy. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry as I half expected it to. What I'm not happy about is the fact that it stings my really sensitive eyes if it enters my eyes ie. So I've to be super careful while removing eyeliner and mascara. I've not been tightlining / lining my lower waterline for a while now, but if I did, I'd use almond oil to remove that and I recommend you do too.

That's all out in 1 swipe! I couldn't go back into my eye.
Price: Rs 1090.  
Available at and Three Graces Spa, Mumbai & Delhi.
P.S. Product sent for review


  1. Very nice :) I use maybelline makeup remover and from when you have suggested using almond oil for eye makeup removal :)

    Missing your how - to's

    Btw miss obsessive baker , send me some recipes , pretty please * big wide innocent puppy eyes*

    1. ooh nice!!
      Sorry ya have been a little busy. Have some pictures just need to compile them. I'll work on it!
      Haha sure!! But I haven't baked in ages!!

  2. I just ordered Bioderma. And then you show me this. Oh well, atleast its not available anywhere close to me :P

  3. Woww.. amazing re. i'm always looking for something like this.
    Bioderma works the same way. I'm itching to get my hands on something like this!
    do they sell here?

    1. Bee! I couldn't find anything online. But I'll find out and tweet to you!

  4. wow...nice review....I was also looking for a good makeup skin is super sensitive, So the stinging eye area scares me a bit, still, i love to give it a try!!!

    1. Thanks! Just stings the eyes. Not skin otherwise! :)

  5. Lovely review dear - well explained dear .. seems a nice product .. Will give it a try once I finish my current one .. Loved your mint nails <3

  6. Vichy sells a similar product (check here-> It removes face and eye makeup easily, including waterproof mascara. But for some reason it never works on my waterline. I always have to use almond oil or biphased remover to get the stubborn kajal off my water line. This can be a bummer for some people, not for me though. You can buy it from any Vichy counter in India and it is also available online (850 rs. for 200 ml).


    P.S. Love your review and your mint nails.xx.

  7. hi doll...

    I have nominated you in a tag on my blog


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