Saturday, February 1, 2014

L'Oreal Kajal Magique Swatches, Review, FOTD

 The one sure shot thing that comes with being a bride is everyone giving you compliments and every woman in the room rushing to put 'kajal ka kala tika' behind your ears! So when I was sent this, it was almost like the guys from L'Oreal India did so to ward off the 'nazar' (evil eye)- so said my colleague! haha.

 With Lakme eyeconic and Maybelline Colossal already fighting it out, L'Oreal came out of nowhere in the same segment! Now Lakme Eyeconic is a personal favourite now, with it being all soft and buttery, really black and long lasting. The Maybelline Colossal is good, gets the work done. Is really dark too, but not being as buttery soft as the Lakme eyeconic, it doesn't go as dark on me. L'oreal Kajal Magique, however, is the weakest in terms of pigmentation. It is also softer than the Maybelline Colossal Kajal. Hence, easier to apply.

I don't really have oily lids, but this doesn't seem to stick to my eyelids like the Lakme eyeconic. It does smudge the tiniest bit when compared to the other 2.
It is water proof like the other two, but is definitely easier to remove compared to the lakme eyeconic, which seems to cling on to my eyelids for dear life! Maybelline Colossal for me isn't very easy to remove, because I think I over apply it.
Here's me wearing the L'Oreal Kajal magique as my eyeliner and my kajal.
It's a nice kajal that won't seem stark and harsh even though it's black. it's softer looking than the Lakme eyeconic (which still remains my favourite).
It did not sting or trouble my sensitive eyes at all. Definitely worth a tenure on your vanity! If the blackest black and super soft texture is your thing though (and a little extra seconds spent removing it), you can give it a miss!

Price Rs 245

Maybelline Colossal- Rs 175
Lakme Eyeconic - Rs 199

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  1. Not very intense black but looks good! Beautiful on yu! xx

  2. Doesnt seem to be as good as Lakme Eyeconic. I still love my Lakeme Eyeconic

  3. Definitely not very black but you certainly look great with it on!

  4. Yes, I too agree that it is not dark black, but looking good when applied.

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