Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Life, New Place, Life After Marriage - An Update and Lots of Pictures

THE Wedding!
I've been gone since the start of Feb! Remember me?
I ran off to get married (not really!) and then on a loong honeymoon and more of a vacation then back to real life, but a completely different one at that and a vacation again! (well, almost!)!

Those of you who follow me on instagram, twitter and/or Facebook are definitely getting updates from me from time to time, and for the rest of you all.. here I am..
Sitting in my bed, feeling a little unwell and taking a break from the hectic-ness I call life nowadays!

New Home!

We're 1 month old together!
Wedded To The Olive Greens!
 Let me just start by saying that I have newfound respect for all you homemakers out there. How setting up a home and managing is done by you all making it look so effortless, is completely beyond me. For me, it's like me and my boyfriend husband have just been allotted a pretty house (read big) in a beautiful cantt in a tiny new Town (I've seen tinier ones in my time huh!) and it's completely left to us to mess it up the way we like. Do what we like and tear all the newspapers and make a complete mess without any parental supervision! It's like wheeeeeeee 1 minute and the very next, responsibility strikes and I become my mother ordering the boy to go sleep now (at 2230 hrs) as he has to wake up for pt at 0500 hrs!!!
So right now, I'm totally yo-yo ing between a plan to scribble 'my art' all over a wall and the thought of a horrified mother and mother in law (both seasoned, classy army wives themselves!) This transition from 'Baby (girl Army kid referred to by the bhaiyas) to 'Memsaab' (the Lady wife, again referred to by the bhaiya's) From Ikya- to Ma'am/ Mrs VK, I am thoroughly enjoying but doesn't come easy.
We got a new home! Yay!

The garden of our very first HOME together! It's beautiful, overlooks the golf course and is right next to the swimming pool/ sports complex!

2 month old!!

Catching a wink while the wife gets the house cleaned!

Never felt as accomplished ever in life! Made breakfast. Tried lunch (for the very first time) and wore a saree (all by myself) for the very first time, without electricity and a floor full of suitcases to go for the "family welfare!!

I made Rajma chawal! Yeah! I'm good!!

and this is our dinner generally!

First Valentine's !

His moo milk mug is proof we are soumates!

Before rafting!

3 months old!

First Festival after the wedding, Holi!

And I continue to get surprised by flowers!

This is what we have for dinner when not having pizza! The Mother Dairy Raspberry Mango ice candies/ popsicles are my fav to beat the heat!!

Breakfast - courtesy The hub

I married a bigger animal lover than me!!
There are times I make a complete jackass out of myself like for example when in a mess with my "husband" for the first time, a bhaiya wished me 'namaste memsaab' and I totally, but completely unintentionally ignored because, hey! For me, my mom is memsaab and I am baby!!

Then again, I got asked by a Senior Officer, if and how I'm getting used to being referred to as aunty by kids as old as 17- 18!! And I said (I swear, I don't know what has happened to the filters in my mouth! Word vomit alert!!) I said- Well, heh heh,.. I'm only getting used to not wishing people Good evening Uncle/ Good evening aunty myself! I swear to God I say the Uncle/ Aunty part silently in my head or the good evening full stop part feels quite abrupt!

Have been travelling continuously! Almost 70 % of my already married life! Don't get me wrong, I'm loving it!
Ya, so hope you had a laugh! I promise you lots more entertainment as I plan to do detailed posts on my Wedding celebrations, The fun and travel part of it and Lots of What was in my Handbag and How I'm doing up my beautiful new home aka DECOR!, all that with a good dose on how I'm dealing with being an army wife and trying to get out of my army kid mode!


  1. You are an army kid?!!!!!! Hi 5! ;) Meet Naomi - me, my dad is in the army too and I know how it feels, in the biiiiiigggg house and with all the bhaiya's who call you baby at first and then memsahab :)

    1. Haha ya!! It's n9t easy to get used to it! My husband is an army kid too, an army officer himself! :)

  2. Oops! I forgot to add. I looooove the pictures. God bless both of you ! :)

  3. I have no words to express what I feel. it seems happiness is infectious. I feel so happy reading this post. May God bless you both.

    1. Nivedita!!! :* Thank you so, so much! Love you!!

  4. Such cute pics Ikya. Welcome back to the blogosphere. Love seeing your pics on insta but its even more fun to read your posts. Wish both of you a fabulous life :)

  5. Congrats Ikya :) Nice to hear all the settling down story.. reminds me of mine but just that we moved in to the new big house only after the lil one was born :)

  6. BTW I loooooooooooove your wedding saree :)

    1. Ooh Thank youuu A!! I fell in love with it too. I'll show u my madhuparkam, thats extra special to me!
      Also, thats the one mad thing about the army I tell you! When u have a lil one, you get a small house. When ur free, a big one.. and it all depwnds on availability! Madness!! How have u been?

  7. Ah you look so happy, nice to hear you're settling down. I remember the transition from carefree to proper adult as a shock to the system!

    1. Gaelle!! :) thank you so much! It is!! Such a shock to the system!

  8. Welcome back Ikya :) looks like your wedding & honeymoon was super fun, lovely pics!
    The transition from a single girl to a wife & a daughter-in-law, from an akka/didi right to aunty and a less than noticeable weight gain popping up "Good news??!!" questions.... NERVE CRACKING!!
    But once you get the nuances, its a fun learning experience. Good luck :)
    BTW the way you both smile when your eyes are locked to each other, sooo damn cute :)

    1. Thank youu Medha! :* I've been TOLD good news already like 5 times and been given a when ahould u ideally have a baby lecture by random people and the time frames like 10 yrs and now! Ya, omg! Just trying to fit in to the world of missus-es !

  9. nice pics, you and your husband makes a lovely couple. best wishes and god bless

  10. How r u liking bareilly... Its my hometown


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