Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Website Review- India Circus By Krsna Mehta

You know what the best part about finally marrying your one true love is?
You start living together (which leads to)> New home> You get to do it up just the way you want!

I mean yes, I LOVE my house (not ever going to call it my parents') But it is a mish mash of all our aesthetic sensibilities.
I come from a house of people with very strong personalities and tastes, not all the same!
So while my parents AND brother are big fans of Mies Van Der Rohe 's philosophy of Less is More and Minimalism, (and I get it from them, believe me)
My house, you'll see is a fusion of modern, clean spaces, sharp lines, lots of white and glass and light, open spaces, but exquisite hand crafted walnut furniture from the gorgeous valley of Kashmir! (You HAVE to see the intricate carving!! My study table looks like a jewel in itself! I mean, its all beyond gorgeous) I don't know how, but it totally works!
Oh I digressed!
My point is- My mum would probably flip if I got a hairy purple carpet here!
But at my place, that was the first thing I brought home!!

Needless to say I started browsing websites that focused on home decor more than beauty products! (guilty! But hey! architect!!) So obviously I was thrilled to try out the India Circus' service when I heard from them.

I chose to get that lamp above for my drawing room from India Circus.

The website itself is quiet eye catching and super easy to navigate through. It has a standard homepage with all the 'on sale' categories with thumbnails on the homepage, always. This I like a lot more than a cluttered, confused website with tiny buttons leading you to what you want.

Everything on this website is so vibrant! It's modern, yet with lots of traditional motifs and colour. Well, that's pretty much what I'm feeling nowadays!

Honestly, what took the most time was me deciding what I wanted to buy! After that was decided and paid for, I got my lamp all safe and secure, beautifully wrapped in 4 days. And by Bareilly standards, that is quite somethin' !

I am a fan of their wall art (The original paintings may be a little out of budget for now! But maybe I can save up and get an original home sometime!!)
The cushion covers I am obsessed with! (Why don't boys get the point of cushions, I have no idea!) I mean, with the furniture that was provided to us (the sofas are HIDEOUS) I absolutely NEED cushions to cover it up, and look slightly presentable, no?
I particularly LOVE their candle stands. I plan to get some to store my makeup brushes.
Other than that, what's totally worth a dekko on the website (my picks) are the crockery section, the funky mugs. But I already have a gazillion mugs (apparent that's all I thought I needed to set up home, and the boy and I aren't even tea/coffee/milk drinkers, so the point is pretty much lost!)
Also, I absolutely love the wallets and bags.
I ADORE the lamps, quite evidently!
Obviously, since everything comes with a designer label, it doesn't come cheap. But this lamp I got, was a super decision and totally value for money (for Rs 2199) one at that! Especially with the number of sales they have, every now and then.

Oh they have a "MEGA Sale" going on now, which in my opinion is the best time to check it out! Remember to check this website out when in the mood for some indulgence for your home,also great gifting options, Trust me, some wedding presents we got were from India Circus and I am thrilled to have friends with great taste! 'Nuff said!

In other news, I'm at "My Hyd home" till Sat, loving it, missing the boy and totally looking forward to a trip to Nainital as soon as I get back! What does the rest of your week look like?


  1. This lamp looks so chic! I really like the print :)

  2. Ikku! This makes me feel like you're all grown up now :* I love the lamp and the picture of the both of you :) Also stalking you on FB as religiously as ever! Muchos love

  3. The lamp looks so elegant, so glad you're enjoying your new home

  4. good to have you back! Dont disappear please! My mum has a lamp in the same structure... the fabric covering was like handmade paper... it looked so chic!!

  5. Hey Iks... welcome back... Nice to see u all happy and in love :-) Congos...
    Btw, u in Bareilly now? Since u r in my state only, lets connect yaar... i keep hopping there.. Lets connect on fb or whatsapp atleast :-)

  6. Good to have stumbled upon your blog! Love the lamp. Their cushion covers are gracing my new home and my latest blogpost. do check it out :)



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