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Reliving the Makeup Monologues' Wedding - Part 1 - Haldi

 Before I begin, I must just accept the world's worst blogger award that most of my friends and readers have given me. Even to my face now! But I shan't quit!
 *takes a bow*
Just follow me on instagram, you guys! I spam it all day! I am insta obsessed!!! And you can totally see me being cranky and throwing fits over how the husband of mine is being missed by.. um me! I mean we are forever in a bloody long distance relationship! I know, I know I should have been prepared and all, It was a choice I made after all. I am a thorough army brat and I totally knew what I was getting into I mean, heck! my husband and my dad are even from the same arm of the forces - it couldn't have been more clear Ikya!
But you know, just because I chose it doesn't make it less difficult! I just want to yell at those people saying it and would be delighted to throw in a slap even!

Right, so, venting over. I wanted to document my wedding and yes, don't have many new pretty pictures of new makeup and stuff. High time I got this done, yah?
So for those of you who are still interested in my wedding that happened 9 months ago, I'll be doing these posts in parts that will cover all the events and trips and travels (honeymoon bookings/ destinations etc) Hopefully a few of you getting married in the near future can even use a few things from these very smart (lol) ideas of mine!

The first event we have is the Bridal Ceremony which marks the start of the wedding festivities here. Also known as 'Haldi' up north.


I wore the Nutrogena's sunscreen (morning, outdoor event + the turmeric makes the skin super sensitive to the sun) and lined my eyes with the Lakme eyeconic Kajal and wore it as kohl as well. I guess I wore the Maybelline Baby lips on a Revlon Kissable balm stain in Sweetheart (I love this!)

Dress & Decor

I wanted to wear something bright keeping in mind my beautiful Phoolon ki chaadar that I'd requested for in the backyard of our home. I chose to wear a simple cotton kurta that I just happened to find on sale at Shopper's Stop (for Rs 500!!!!!) that was bright and floral and I love it! Because it's mainly shades of yellow, even if it got stained, no one can tell and I continue to wear it! No, it dint get stained! Stop staring, jeez!
Oily hair- First and last time in Public!

 It's just a really cute event. I remember being extremely excited and I seem to be laughing in every picture of mine from that day. It was weird cause I dint know how to be. It din't kick in.. the feeling that I was moving away and so I wasn't unhappy, I was feeling awkward cause I wasn't feeling shy and apparently even that was an issue with a lot of people lol!

Most of my friends and all my relatives flew in on this day and I was the centre of attention of the people I truly love the most! It was great. The only people who seemed to be getting affected on this day (onwards) were my dad and brother who were full of fake smiles and Gods of the Grump! They just couldn't contain their annoyance! Oh how I love these men!
Those are basically my most special people! Standing is My eldest sister, the my brother, Sitting Mansi, Me, Mitali, Akshat and my elder sister Sneha
For the non- Indians here, Haldi or Turmeric is a widely used spice (Root) that's considered very auspicious in India. This is also said to have many antibacterial and beautifying properties and hence the bride to be is applied a paste of turmeric (usually mixed with other things like yoghurt/ milk/ water/ rose water/ lime juice and gram flour) This haldi was special because the powder and roots were sent to me by my (then) fiancé's grandma who grew the plant at her home and very sweetly dried the roots and sent them over to me to be used in this ritual!
Usually, married ladies/ women apply this paste to the bride on (most) exposed parts of her body, And lots of oil was applied to my hair and then the elders came to bless me and put akshintalu (sacred rice + turmeric mixture on my head).
One thing that's rather different from what the rest of the country does is the black spot that you can spot on my cheek. That's applied to the bride to be and the groom to be till the time they are not married to ward off the evil eye from the time the first ceremony starts (refer pic 1- no black spot! Magic!!)
After I was "decorated" with all that by every person in and around my house, I was allowed to go bathe and change into a beautiful Bright Pink Mysore silk saree (courtsey the mil)

I did my own makeup for all of the events so it's definitely not what a professional job but honestly, I am very happy with how it turned out. I look like myself in all my pictures and no one has ever asked me who's this pointing at me in any of my pictures from my wedding! Thank God!!! I cringe at the kind of makeup most "parlour ladies" do. Especially up north. (Coz usually down South, you either go all out with a Makeup artist, or just don't put on any makeup!) The girls would kill me for this but after seeing the new brides and their pictures, OMG! The ott maroon lehengas and every item of jewellery and makeup matching it (red gold and maroon eyeshadow I'm sorry, you just don't do it for anybody!) And the girls I'm talking about are so gorgeous otherwise in reality! But the exageration of eyebrows, and the dark lipstick just kills it!

Anyway, my makeup-
At this point, the bindi you see on my forehead, The 'V' and an I in it is called the 'Kalyanam Bottu' here in Andhra and that's what Brides AND Grooms (hahahah ya! Sorry, Baby!) have to wear. You get many readymade ones nowadays (and my mother who loves ready made stuff even made me buy it!) But I chose to practice it atleast 6-7 times before getting the right size and the right technique to draw it with the regular liquid bindi! How there was a furore that day cause a certain aunty wanted to do it for me assuming I dint even know what it was! Thank God I ran faster than her into my room and did my own! I think I did a fab job with this. Even my very opinionated Panditji approved!! Ha! (Also, That aunty did my husband's bindi on the day of our wedding and the poor guy.. Oh let's just not say anything! I should have warned him! ahaha.. See it here)

I'm wearing-
Some L'Oreal moisturizer
MAC MSF Natural Medium Plus
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in black as an eyeliner, I tightlined my eyes (See this to know how I do it) and even on my waterline.
I did my eyebrows in 1 minute flat like I showed in this step by step tute.
Forgot to wear blush!
Maybelline Superstay 14 hr Lipstick in Infinitely Fuchsia


My saree is from Nalli Silks in Begumpet (Hyderabad) All my Sarees are from there really. I had barely any time to shop so I picked up pretty much everything together from them! Thankfully, everything I picked was exactly what I wanted! Everywhere I walked in, I found exactly what I wanted almost immediately in my budget! Since I'm not the kind to 'settle' for stuff or easily pleased, I guess I just have been a very lucky bride!



  1. Hey ikya..
    Telugu a telugu girl too..infact getting married next year.I loved reading the detailed post..I was about to ask where was the's just Amazing that it's your backyard.
    Looking forward for the next posts in this series..
    This is truly helpful..
    U look fabulous.. And super pretty in pink saree..

    1. Hey! Congratulations on your wedding! Thanks. Glad you fpund it helpful!

    2. U did amazing makeup..I have few acne marks to work on.
      I'm scared about hiring a makeup artist..let's see.
      I'm all waiting for your posts.
      N yes.was checking your previous posts..
      Please write more :-)

    3. U did amazing makeup..I have few acne marks to work on.
      I'm scared about hiring a makeup artist..let's see.
      I'm all waiting for your posts.
      N yes.was checking your previous posts..
      Please write more :-)

    4. Thanks again! If you're confident of how you do your makeup normally, i say go for it. Its not as difficult as people make it sound! Hope to write as often as possible now on!

  2. Yayyy! Finally there's a post from you. You look so pretty in all the pictures. I think it's definitely better to do your own makeup rather than cry in your wedding day because the makeup didn't turn out the way you wanted it to.

    1. haha yay! :*
      Thank you so much!! I agree. It's not half as tough/ bad as it is made out to be! :)

  3. Please tell me more about the relatives who can't stand a bride that's genuinely happy about her wedding. I had way too much of them to deal with at my wedding. Like How does it concern you?
    Thank you for doing these posts Ikya. Gives me inspiration to do a series on mine before I start forgetting the details. I want to document it for no one but myself. It'll be so cool to reflect on it when we grow old..Isn't it?
    P.S. You look beautiful. As always! Makeup on point..

    1. Nishuuuuu!! Haha those people are always there. I dint really have them ( or they were polite and dint say it to my face) but on my haldi, i was repeatedly asked to atleast 'act shy' by an uncle who is too cute!
      Yes, yess! I decided to do it too.. before i forgot how i was fet that day!
      Thank you baby! :*

  4. OMG... How beautiful & radiant you look :)

    Me being no pro in make up managed to carry off a very nice self-made up face for morning pooja+function of my wedding. And I so agree with you about the South make up trends :)

  5. Did not know you were back!!!! You look FANTASTIC!


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