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Reliving the Monologues' Wedding Part 2 Mehendi

Yes, I was made to pose like that!

I'm so glad I gave in and blogged yesterday! I feel so happy blogging, I know I should take more time out to do this! I think I'll do a totally whiny post where I crib about how and why I cant! :/

So after the Haldi, the next event was the Mehendi (Again, for the non- Indians, Gaelle, I'm looking at you! :* Henna is applied to the Bride to be's Hands and feet.)
 For me, I'm not a fan of Mehendi/ I don't mind it at all, to be honest but I can't sit still for more than 3.25 minutes at any given point of time!
But My mehendi guy totally tested my patience by making me sit since 1100 hrs to about 1830 hrs! Do the math!!
One guy did my hands, 1 guy did my feet and 1 guy whiled away most of his time and did some doodling on the relatives'!
The mehendi was beautiful, no doubt, but if I knew the amount of torture it'd put me through (he kept getting annoyed if I even laughed!! Whatever happened to liking happy brides, man?) I wouldn't have gone ahead with that intricate design. Coz, quite honestly, most mehendi that's done well looks pretty much the same in pictures!
He even walked off at one point out of sheer annoyance because there were too many people and we kept talking lol. It was actually kind of funny! We laughed more and that annoyed him more!

poor guy, with the camera in his face and a bride who laughed at everything!
  Mehendi happened at home again and I honestly wouldn't have changed anything about this day (other than the grumpy mehendi artist/ long sitting hours) He just dint let me sit on the sethee and plonked me on an uncomfortable plastic chair! But I had my family & Friends & my groom to be with me so it was all great!

I dint want so much mehendi on my legs to be honest. That's not even seen during other 'wedding-y' events even! And I dint want to be one of those brides on a beach honeymoon with calf length mehendi and a dress, but then who am I to challenge fate?!

Makeup was kept fairly simple-
1.On my face I had the MAC MSF Natural & MAC Studio Fix Concealer
2 Blush was MAC Fleur Power
3 on my eyes, I wore MAC Rubenesque Paint pot all over my eyelid and just darkened the corner using MAC Swiss Chocolate e/s
4 eyeliner & Kajal was Maybelline's gel eyeliner in black (the pic above is at the end of the day and my makeup looks pretty much the same without any retouching, so I'm impressed)
5. Mascara Maybelline Colossal Volume
6 Lips- MAC Ruby Woo

Outfit Details and Selection -
I wanted to wear a raw silk skirt in green with a pink top or something for my mehendi. I wanted to wear something bright and green. I even went ahead with my idea. Bought the material. Then spotted this green Kurta material in one of the Taruni stores in Secunderabad.
Then I thought - I'm wearing 2 lehengas eventually anyway. I dint want to add to it. I needed suits that I could wear later on as well. While my mom asked me to go ahead with both, I just knew that the other skirt would never get used (and I wore this suit a couple of times already!) and that no tailor would do so much within all the time I had! I still haven't found the best tailor in Hyderabad yet!

Can't believe I could be so practical.
My suit is a green & red  Georgette one with gold thread work and I wanted everything to be bright and happy!

For the brides in Hyderabad/ Secunderabad area,
This guy for mehendi is quite nice (I wanted the traditional Rajasthani/ Marwari design and not he Arabic ones and to find someone in Hyd who does that I was happy).
He charged about Rs 7000 for only my mehendi . An arabic design/ less detailed one would cost much lesser. In Feb, when I got married, the range of his mehendi started from about Rs 4000 (that's what I was shown & told!)
For the rest of my family (he put basic very tiny arabic designs on about 5-6 people and charged us about 6k for that so I wasn't really happy with that. The deal was to charge per hour (i think 1.5k - 2k) but 1 guy took about 45 minutes to finish everyone's mehendi, so I really don't know how he calculated it to be that much. So if you decide to get him make sure you tell him to charge per hand of the mehendi he applies.
I found his details from JustDial He's listed under 'Vikas Jaipuri Mehendi' and his number is 9550479202. 
These are his guys who he sends and quite honestly the only thing I liked about them is the work. They were constantly grumpy and unprofessional otherwise. I don't know if Rs6500- Rs 7000 is too steep for this mehendi cause quite frankly this is the first guy who was available on such short notice/ whose details with some work I found. So I booked him. Besides, for the amount of area he covered on my arms and legs, I think most people in Hyd would charge about the same

I sincerely hope it helps some of you girls, this post. These were all the details I found. If you have any other questions/ need other details please comment below/ shoot me a mail!


  1. Your mehndi is just great.. I'm sure I will be calling him too :P
    Apart from that, you could have appointed some local beauty parlour muslim girls for the mehndi of your relatives..They charge 5K for 10-15 people and also good designs.

  2. You look vibrant and your spontaneity and joy make the pictures look very lively! Keep smiling always :-)

  3. Ikya you look stunning! The happiness shows through in all the pics. Must say a good photographer as well. You did good with all the planning baby!

    P.S. Why are we so similar. Kinda the rare happy brides category people can't deal with! And we both aren't mehendi fans. I mean I don't hate it but can't stand it on myself either. So I got a very light one done. Took about 2 hours or less I guess with just 1 guy doing it.

    1. You know, in retrospect i feel like i should have gone for that kind of a mehendi.. but then i think I'd miss having the whole baraat scene on my hamds and crib about that too. Lol

      That guy was soo annoying! And so were many people on this day! :/

      Thank you, thank you! Cant wait to see your pictures. I feel we were in this together cause we even got married a week apart!! :*

  4. Love reading these posts Ikya... So glad you're back to blogging. Please don't stop now!!! You really look beautiful in your pictures... Just like a happy, radiant bride should.
    While I love mehndi, the night of the bridal mehndi is when I just couldn't sleep... Couldn't keep my hands in a comfortable position and neither my feet. I'm sure you must have gone through the same. Keep writing :)

    1. Thank you soo much Dollie!! I try and do as and when i can.. will really try to continue doing this because every time i dont blog, I'm just a grumpy person! Lol
      Since the mehendi was applied from morning to evening i5 had dried and fallen off mostly and i couldn't be bothered to salvage it because i was too tired. I slept like a log!

  5. You know I just came across your blog while I was checking for MAC Crosswires lipstick review and I tumbled on your Crosswire dupe post. That was the first post I have read from your blog and over there I read your very cute letter to Mr. Right. :D So, I decided to read your other posts too and clicked on the ' Home ' section. And the top post I see is of your wedding. What a coincidence! I guess you finally found your Mr. Right. Congratulations. :D And you look gorgeous and love your mehendi. :)

  6. So radiant! and the last pic of the 2 of you is so cute!

  7. so cute...loved the look beautiful.


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